hello peep…. finally…

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Finally, my 1st post after months of preparation and lazying. It’s time to get stuff kicking and running. Initially I was planning to launch this blog last year 2010. But end up was packed with office workload and personal stuff, so project bilibala was put on hold till 2011 which also part of my new year resolution.

Another reason for the delay is, been messing around with wordpress and rummaging high and low for a nice and nifty layout. What i can say is, wordpress is a cool blogging tool. Have been happily exploring the possbility of wordpress and A LOT of plugins and widgets. Kudos to WordPress in getting a cool tool!

After the tool has been set, is time to get the layout in a more “personalized” way. I have to start decorate/tweak the layout that i have chosen. Believe me, i have gone thru designing and redesigning my own site for 3-4 times until i got this final version right. This actually took me 2 months in the making (due to heavy workload for the past 2 months) including illustrating the cute figure myself :p But anyhow, phew…, glad that it is up live and kicking, yea!

Well, i am hoping i can write 1 blog entry every day (keep my finger crossed). I will try but for sure but i wont give myself too much pressure in updating it. I just want to keep it a free flow of entry from me. hahahaha.. I will write when i feel like writing it.

Now, thinking of what will be my 2nd blog post. I got a lot of stuff in mind, but not sure where to start writing. Yes, especially toys. I got over 80+ toys to write with, a dozen of iphone stuff to start also. Wow, this is getting exiciting already. haha. But anyhow, i am not a good writer, so you have to apologize with the broken english with broken grammar somewhere.

Okay, nuff said. Let’s start get noisy and bising with bilibala!

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  1. hahaha.. i didnt force you ah:p is yourself clicking on the link that i have sent you :p

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