The Untold Tales of Optimus…

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Okie… i guess these are not official “tales” of Optimus. Just some funny and creative shots i have done previously to participate in the Hardware Zone Malaysia (HWZ) Transformers Pose Off Contest which was held a while back in June 2011. The contest is simple and straightforward, you just need to make use of your existing Transformers toys as starring and have fun taking creative shots on them. I have submitted a few nonetheless and i just took the chance of uploading them onto my blog here to share it out with you all :p Hope you all enjoy it!

Well, a bit explanation on these picture stories: They resolve around a main tagline. The tagline which in turn enforces the meaning of the whole pictures. So is fun looking at the picture and relate them with the unique tagline they have.

(Bilibala’s Insights: As much as you can see, i fitted the small Optimus Prime into my cup. People did ask me: “Did you really dip your toy in the cup full of water?!” Well, in actual fact, the water is just some effect done in photoshop, the cup is actually empty and dry. No water is being used and no Optimus is being harmed in this shot 🙂 )

(Bilibala’s Insights: Well, being small, you have some pros and cons… One of the cons being, you can’t really handle much BIGGER stuff, such as this shot here. Now, that’s when you will think of being bigger is better. )

(Bilibala’s Insights:  Great seeing all three sizes together for a family shot. Alright, i might miss out the Ultimate OP in the group but heck, it wasn’t out then in June :p )

(Bilibala’s Insights: This clearly an idea generated from watching too much of Austin Power. The “Mini-Me” concept if you still remember it. And of course, you won’t expect to see the bald Optimus Prime here.)

(Bilibala’s Insights: I always have thoughts of bigger robot bullying those small robots. This especially true in world of Transformers where robots like Trypticon or Metroplex with enormous size will simply bully any single small size robots. Guess this shot is specially dedicated to those bullying scene… )

(Bilibala’s Insights: My last submission to the contest which i personally like the most! The small Optimus Prime trying to impersonate the green android! I wonder what’s hit me when i decided to take this picture. It does look cute with the green headed mask on the smaller Optimus Prime. Though they don’t quite fit in nicely, they make a funny cute pair. )

Guess what?
With the hard work, sweat and creative juice, i won the first prize in the contest (though not the grand prize) and the prize is…….

which is quite a disappointment. I was expecting a Dark of the Moon voyager (which was promised in their contest leaflets). And to the fact, this piece of Strafe is actually an off-the-shelves collection as nobody wants it (you can see them selling at retail price of RM79.90 in some of the toy shop and yet you can still see mountain of them stacking up in racks despite cheaply price tagged). I guess no one likes such cheap and ugly repaint  as compared to the original version of him (which is the Revenge of the Fallen Mindwipe).

Oh well, a prize still a prize and i was actually aiming for the grand prize of an Lenovo IdeaPad anyhow. In fact, I always welcome a FREE contribution to my Transformers Toys pool :p.

So, which one you like most? :p

4 thoughts on “The Untold Tales of Optimus…

  1. Question sir! I know that you have had your Buster Prime for a bit now. I just got the Jetwing prime, which shares the same mold. While I love it, I am worried about the gas tank / weapon connection. When looking at it, there is not much plastic holding it on. My question is, have you had any problems with the gas tanks staying on? When you look at the groves, on the tanks, is there a lot of wear?

    1. Eh… hmm.. i got the buster prime but i dont have the jetwing. 🙁 couldn’t try out the combination. Sorry mate can’t help out.

  2. You never know Optimus Prime OS is run on android. LOL

    LOve the Legend, Voyager and leaderclass scaling shot. LOL

    1. hahaha.. might be :p If Optimus Prime is running on Android… then megatron might be running on iOS :p

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