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As we are drawing nearer and nearer to the release of the new Transformer 4 : Age of Extinction (AoE) movie, tons of new Transformers Toys have surfaced. One particular deluxe class known as the name of Lockdown is definitely something that really sparks the interest. If you have been following closely with those widely circulated TV spots of AoE, you will remember seeing a scene where the sleek Lamborghini Aventador transformed. No resemblance? How about there’s a scene where a robot face transformed into a massive devastating cannon? You can’t miss them and yes, that’s the new Decepticon which we are going to review today. Buckle up your seat-belt and get ready to ride this Lambor!


(A) The Packaging
All the new Transformer 4: Age of Extinction (AoE) packaging comes in a nice simple white-red design. There’s a big illustrated character printed on the front. One thing I have noticed in these new toy-lines over the old one is: there is no annoying paper-based tying strings or whatsoever to keep the figure intact. Well, I don’t really fancy about untying those nasty strings and this move really brighten up and make you jump into action faster (playing the toy, that is). Well, environmental friendly as well i must say.


The back of the package shows some minimum details of the figure (no gimmicks highlighted) and some cross selling of other figures of the same line. Another new additional feature of these AoE toy line is the “Changes in xx steps” that replaces the previous Simple/Intermediate/Hard (0-3) to depict the transformation leveling.


(B) Alternate Mode – Lamborghini Aventador
Upon first impression, plastic quality for Lockdown isn’t that great to shout about if comparing with other deluxes (the dinobots for instance) of the same toy line. It is actually quite light in nature. If you have an AoE deluxe Bumblebee, he basically weights and feels the same with that kind of almost substandard plastic.

Lockdown comes in a midnight grey and cyan blue combination with light blue transparent screens.


Not sure about other units, mine has the problem of left panel not being closed properly abide proper transformation which left a big ugly gap.

Although it does mention this Alt mode being a Lamborghini (not specifying any model) in the packaging, there is no clear printing of the famous bull logo in front. Instead, it is just being painted with a plain gold metallic color.

The car headlights are being painted with glossy metallic cyan as well.


There’s a very big Decepticon emblem printed only on one side. A peculiar point here is that the blue screen doesn’t cover entirely both the driver and passenger side. You will see an opening to both sides as if the windows are being winded down.


Tyres are hard plastic as normal and very minimal painting. But the good point is that there are some extra paintings being done to both the rear disc brakes (orange) and disc rotors (silver metallic).

Tail lights and the black portion under the lights are being painted with glossy paint.


My unit suffers minor aesthetic defect (not sure how you called it), i.e. you can see some “veins” running on the roof of the vehicle.

The blue transparent plastic is being applied to the rear boot screen as well.

(C) Robot Mode
Move on to the robot mode. Lockdown comes with a humanoid looking robot form. Much details are being brought out with overall great paint jobs (silver/gold metallic).

However, I dont really fancy how the hands are being designed. If you have noticed, the hands and the panels are being fused together and thus there is no wrist joints. Such treatment normally appears in those legend class and surprisingly, it is being carried to this deluxe to simplify the transformation and articulation.

Personally, i found Lockdown has a weird proportion with an overly wide upper body scale. It makes him look fat and very contrary to what you will be seeing on screens.


He also suffers the same fate with the previous Dark of the Moon Soundwave of having a chicken feet design. Like it or not, they are doing their job well in maintaining the stability of the figure (even with the head cannon mode).


Another point of dislike is the ugly full-piece panels at the back. Basically, you will see the entire “incomplete”/”in-transformable” panels. Much like it’s counterpart, the Galvatron, who is having the full blown right in your face back panels. Annoying as it sounds, it does give the figure a seriously “wth” moment.


A plus point is given to how detailed the head sculpture is, blended with silver metallic painting. The head piece does come with light pipping. However, it doesn’t work as well.

There’s a smaller Decepticon emblem printed on the chest. Details/paintings are great imho.


Articulation Mapping
Articulation is pretty standard but I do have some points to stress out:
i) Though the head is in ball joint, you can’t really move the head a full 45 degree upright and can only perform left/right with very slight up/down movement. In addition, this particular joint is very loose.

ii) There is no waist and wrist joints.


(D) Transformation
Transformation is quite interesting and ingeniously done. Even though it is being mentioned 13 steps in all, it’s still very fun and involving to transform him.


(E) Gimmicks


(F) Comparison
A quick comparison with the voyager Galvatron and the same class Crosshairs. Lockdown does look small among the 3.

Here are the robot mode comparison.


(G) Gallery of Goodies












(H) Conclusion
Overall, I liked the alt mode a lot (yea, who doesn’t like Lamborghini anyhow) and the transformation mode is being done nicely. Details/paint job is great to bring out the finest details for the robot mode. However, the figure does suffer light plastic quality along with ugly back panels design and missing some articulations (the hand design especially). Give it a go if you are into collecting sleek sports car Transformers.

My PCR for him: 7/10
What I like – Nice head sculpture; great paint jobs; easy but involving transformation.
What I dislike?– Back panel design; hand design; weird gap in alt mode; very LIGHT plastic quality; a FAT robot mode.

Until then, enjoy hunting and hauling!

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