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Generations Roadbuster is another new voyager class to be released under the Thrilling 30 Transformers toyline. It is an entirely new mold based heavily on the IDW comic series with a touch of the classic G1 design. The name does sound familiar for some as he is the green Nascar pirate robot in Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon movie. Read on to find out what this new voyager has to offer.


(A) Alternate Mode
Before we start, there is an interesting approach which is worth mentioning. Generations Roadbuster comes with tons of  dry decals (or stickers) which will enhance profoundly the figure’s detail. I still remember such approach was being used in some of the more recent Takara Transformers Prime (Arm Micron) toyline. However, for Hasbro, it is considered a rare sight for me. For those non-sticker lovers, this is greatly a nuisance that definitely promises an hour or so for applying them carefully. Mind you, these stickers are exceptionally sticky. Once you have applied it (either wrongly or correctly), it is very difficult to remove them. So, stick with extra cautions.

There are in all 29 subsets of stickers. If you have already noticed, there are also 2 Autobot emblems. The red being the all familiar one while the blue one is actually belongs to the Wreckers. The thing here is that you only get to choose either one of the emblem to be applied. So choose wisely which identity you want your Generation Roadbuster to be in.


Due to this extra perk we have, I am going to review the figure in a before-and-after approach to show you the difference between both states. So basically for the plain, non-sticker figure you can only notice a plainly painted toy based on the G1 reminiscence colors: orange, green and brown.The entire figures come with glossy plastic with some of the orange, brown and silver parts being painted. Paint jobs are decent but you will still see some smudges at certain spots (especially the brown color).

The alt mode of the Generations Roadbuster comes in a stylish off road vehicle. Somehow the tyre design reminds me of the Springer which has quite identical color and style. Overall design does look like the Transformer Prime Bulkhead bearing some similarities over the structure of the vehicle form.


As mentioned, most details can only be achieved by having the stickers applied. Without them, the toy is just too plain.


Though Generation Roadbuster looks bulky, it actually doesn’t weight much. In fact, it weights as much as some deluxes do.



From top view, you can see clearly the silver painted parts. It shows much greater difference with the sticker applied.


The alt mode actually has a nice and tough looking design. Well, not until you take a peak on the bottom part of the vehicle that is. The bottom shows an ugly hollow space for the front of the vehicle (which is actually housing Roadbuster’s head).



(B) Robot Mode
Move on to Generations Roadbuster’s robot mode. It shows a blend of both IDW and classic G1 design that is more blocky and squarish design. It does seem like a modern but yet classical Transformer in all.


There is a part of the design which is not of my liking: the feet. As you can see from the below picture, the left in the picture is being transformed according to the instruction manual. It shows that the feet is pushing a bit further out. It looks weird as if the robot is wearing a long clown’s shoes. Unless the instruction manual gave wrong information on the transformation, the one at the right looks more “reasonable” and proportionately correct in any sense.


A view from the back shows a narrow and hollow space in between. The “backpack” design has actually 2 fixed panels which will secure the leg pieces in place during transformation and will form the windscreen of the alt mode.


A close up view on the head piece and torso section. Head piece has a very simple sculpture and does not come with light piping. The orange “horns” on the head piece are actually painted.

Torso section is actually quite plain and simple (and not to mention, bulky square) if without the stickers applied. IMHO, the Autobot logo is actually quite overwhelmingly large in size which took up almost 60% of the torso.



Articulation Mapping

Articulation is quite decent with sparing uses of hinge joints in most of the parts. There is no waist joint. Most joints are tight with the exceptional of the hips. Both of hips spotted with ratchet gears but yet they failed to operate as what they were meant to be. This makes him splits his leg easily while standing.


(C) Transformation
Transformation is plain simple and straightforward. It’s quite disappointing to have such simple and not at all immernsive transformation in voyager class.


(D) Gimmicks




(E) Comparison
A comparison with a more expensive alternative of his: the FansProject Revolver from the Warbot series. Both are similar in sizes. Clearly, the FansProject has much better and intricate design as compared. Of course, with 3 times the price of the Hasbro version, one should expect more.



Comparing to both in robot mode. They both shared one common design approach: square. Most of the corners of Revolver are sharp 90 degree blocks as well. But of course, Revolver doesn’t need stickers to bring out the details he has with his original sculptures.


Side comparison of both in robot mode. Revolver is taller and sleeker. Naturally, he has a bit more complicated transformation as well.


A view from the back. Revolver does have a hollow back panels as well but that gap will be filled up with the insertion of his core micron. So there is not much an issue for him.



(F) Gallery of Goodies

























(G) Conclusion
Overall a very simple designed robot to say. Try to think of it as a deluxe class in a voyager shape with simple transformation and plainly sculpted mold. The only fun thing he has with him is his weapons gimmick. Probably he is the 2nd Transformers toy that has that much of weapon bundled together (the 1st one being the Age of Extinction Hound).

My PCR for him: 7/10
What I like – Weapon gimmick; nice alt mode design; application of stickers to juice up the detail.
What I dislike?– Simple transformation; plain details of the raw figure; hollowness of certain parts of the robot and alt mode; loose hip joints.

Until then, enjoy hunting and hauling!

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3 thoughts on “Transformers Generations Roadbuster

  1. @kiien Thanks bro. Yea.. transformation is really too simple for a voyager class. Interestingly, this piece doesn’t really sell well. I am seeing quite lot of them as shelfwarmers.

  2. looks good under bro’s shooting setup~transformation too simple and the autobots logo too big are the 2 weakness in my opinion~ other than that i think this official CHRUG is great enough~ 😀

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