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It’s an interesting idea to fuse dinosaurs and robots together. Especially when there are just too many vehicles based transformers laying around. That’s why the idea of having Dinotbots around is acclaimed by Transformer fan. Now, Mr. Bay has actually brought the Dinobots to an entire whole new concept in the latest Transformer movie, Age Of Extinction(AoE). Forget about the name you used to remember (except Grimlock), for this new concept comes with new naming and new character which some are not even in the actual Dinobot team. Slash is being one of them that does not appear in the movie but only make appearance in different classes of the new toyline. Read on!


(A) Alternate Mode 
One thing you will notice in this new Dinobot line is their distinguishable colors for each character. From orange to green, you are basically seeing the entire Dinobots flourished in different hues of colors combination of their own distinctive identity. Oh yes, they are very much color coded and as attractive as a peacock.

Having said, Slash comes in the form of Velociraptor (commonly known as Raptor) with mixture of cyan and greenish yellow combination. Some of the paints are composed from gradient of both colors which is quite interesting and something new. It’s very eye pleasing actually. No smudges, no paint chips. With that, marks the very first impression on him: Colors. You will even notice silver painting right up to his sharp teeth.


Slash is quite heavy as a deluxe class. Solidly built I must say. It also comes with tons of pointy soft rubber parts such as the arm’s and leg’s “feathers” and the long tail. Safety issue again.

Somehow, he suffers from big gaps in alt mode due to loose connection between the 2 halves.


Being a dino alt mode, do expect to see very basic articulation. And yes, the mouth jaw can be opened and closed due to the presence of a hinge joint.

There will be a detailed mapping of the articulation below.


There’s a part of hollowness in the body which was being covered quarterly by the 2 feather-like structures. Despite being so, you will still notice the ugly uncovered part of the hollowness.

The tail exhibits a great implementation of gradient color for the figure.


(B) Robot Mode
Moving to robot mode. First impression on Slash: too overwhelmingly designed. This is especially true when it comes to the extremely big shoulder pad with smaller lower body. Moreover, the big chunk of forearm design is really just visually terrific rather than practical as it limits the movement of the arm bending inwards.

In addition, the 2 feather fins on the knee part are another nuisances. Nor does it mar the knee movement, they are also aesthetically unpleasing which somehow covers awkwardly the hips section of Slash. If it is supposed to be a knee cap/protector, a swivel joint should have been implemented to make the fin downwards instead of up.


Another concept being infused into the new Dinobot line is that of a word: Knighthood. You will expect to see knight-like helmet-headpiece or jester looking and pointy boots that appears evidently in all AoE Dinobots. Dino knight in colorful armors, to put it in nutshell.

The figure suffers a weird back kibble with the front dino claw being flip backwards. Fortunately it doesn’t contribute much weight to the body to pull the figure down. However, due to the thin and fine leg base (and heavy upper body), the figure does suffer from stability issue. Though not so drastic, but it does affect some pose-ability for him.


It’s actually quite a pretty sight from the rear with no visual hollowness. The back is being occupied mostly by the elastic dino tail.


A closed up on the headpiece. It’s a very knightly helmet. No light pipping is being installed.

If you are still looking for the Autobot or Dinobot insignia, you can save your effort as Slash doesn’t come with one.


Articulation Mapping



As mentioned earlier, the elbows and knees joints are limited to a fraction of their movement. Thanks to the “overwhelming” design of certain parts which caused this.


(C) Transformation
Transformation is pretty simple and straightforward. No complicated twist and turn. The only part that needs figuring is the twisting of the shoulder pad, the rest is just a no brainer.


(D) Gimmicks

tf4_aoe_slash_gimmick1 tf4_aoe_slash_gimmick2

(E) Comparison
Note: At this point of time when the picture is taken, the last Autobot Slog and Snog are not in possession yet. 

A quick comparison with his brothers in arm. The Grimlock is the voyager class. Pretty much in-synced with the rest of the team.


As for comparison in their dino modes, Slash is actually quite large for its class, which is almost similar size with the voyager Grimlock.


A more clearer comparison with him and the voyager Grimmie.



Well, a small comparison with his non-dino base counterpart.


(F) Gallery of Goodies
















(G) Conclusion
While Slash looks astonishing in his Dino mode, his robot mode is only of average liking. In fact, he suffers from some weird overwhelming design (the crotch hiding fins!) that mar pose-ability which does turn people off. Colors are well implemented to highlight the identity and details. In all, it’s a bayformer’s Dinobot (that doesn’t even appear in the AoE movie) which most diehard fan will choose to steer away from. Good luck with him!

My PCR for him: 6/10
What I like – Good colors composition; not a bad looking dino mode.
What I dislike?– Hollow back of alt mode; weird overwhelming designs on some part; gaps! ; overwhelming body proportion which affects stability.

Until then, enjoy hunting and hauling!

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