Machine Nest 001 Review

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All the while I wanted to add some “sceneries” to the background of my toy shooting. After a great recommendation by @grayfoxzero, i found out a workaround for this with Gao Gao Mechanical Chain Machine Nest Base Station. This is actually a cheaper, china branded version of the Kotobukiya Mechanical Chain Base but still offer the best of value quality and features. I guess the price is cheaper by double of what the Kotobukiya is offering.

There are actually 2 sets of different designed mechanical base. Each set will consist of 3 units which can be combined together to become a bigger base. Anyhow, i got 2 units (each from different set) last friday and i can’t wait to assemble it that night. Here’s my sharing about the base station for Machine Nest 001. (Separate review of 005 will be on another post 🙂 )


First impression is, the size is actually quite small. Maybe this is the first time i ever saw a mechanical base . (yes, i have not seen a kotobukiya base as well). The size is is a measurement of 15cm (width) x 16cm (height) x 15 cm (length). This size can only fit in a deluxe class Transformer toy. If you want to fit in any bigger size toy, you might have to buy a few more unit to combine and become a greater height base station which is quite flexible in customize the height and width of the station.

The quality of this station is very nice. The quality of the plastic is very sturdy and it really doesn’t feel that cheapskate.  The joints and connections are quite firm and it is surprisingly very value for money. The base station looks very nice even without paintwork. See the pictures below to judge it yourself 🙂

What’s Inside the Box?
There are 3 components inside the box: the top and the bottom part of the base  and there is a component part as well. The instruction is affix to the box itself.

The machine nest wasn’t really that difficult to assemble. The following is a snapshot of how the instruction look like so you can get a glimpse of how it can be done.

Toy Gimmicks
There are actually 2 supplementary parts that make up the base station.

Putting them together
Here’s a sample how the base station will work out for my toy shooting. It is really nice and it does breath some soul to the shooting itself 🙂  As mentioned earlier, the station itself is quite small, you can see the height of the mickey prime almost reach the top of the station. I have added some cargo box to the station as well, those cargo box is actually from my 005 set.

The base is very value for money apart from it being a knock-off from the original Kotobukiya mechanical chain base. Actually all these base stations are intended for Gundam, but i used it for my transformer shooting instead :p The result for it is very promising and added soul to the toy shooting.

However, the downside of it, you need to buy several units to combine into a greater base in order to fit in bigger size toy.

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