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Transformers Age of Extinction (AoE) Slog is the last voyager class Dinobot to be released (with wave 3 voyagers). He is actually a homage to the G1 Sludge and he doesn’t make any appearance in the movie. Similar to previous AoE Dinobots, he will be a totally new design which exhibits a more organic and knightly appearance as opposed to what the classic has. Read on to find out more what this toy got to offer you.


(A) Alternate Mode

The alt mode for Slog is a combination of dinosaur species of brachiosaurus and apatosaurus. The form takes a longer neck design as opposed to the shorter one G1 has. It is quite large in scale, very solid and heavy. Certain parts of the toy (i.e. the neck base, the stomach, the backside spikes) are made of soft rubbery plastic.

The overall design is spiky and very skeletal themed. Details are very nicely done with tons of nicely sculpted line to bring out the “organic” side of the toy.


Color combination is of dark grey (dominantly), black and red (as highlight). While lesser paint works have been observed, they are being done perfectly to highlight details on the toy. The red color, for instance, is painted on the spikes, tail, shoulder and rear leg cannon. Silver metallic paints can be found on the forehead, mouth piece and front leg of the dino. Minor cyan blue paint is spotted on the iris of the dino head.   Overall quality of the paint application is top notch. No paint chip, no smudges and greatly enhances the look of the AoE Slog.


The front legs have a pair of Autobot emblems imprinted clearly.

There’s an “interesting” design on his alt mode: the front legs are taller and bigger than the rear legs. Thus making the design a bit awkward by proportion.


The red spikes on the back is the most prominent spot for the entire figure. It was being painted in eye catching red with rubbery protruding spikes all over.



Articulation Mapping


(B) Robot Mode
Moving to AoE Slog robot mode. First impression: bulky Gorilla wearing baggy pants. Understand that the new dinobots all have bulky (especially on the shoulders) and a knightly design, so AoE Slog does extend the same concept all over with jester styled shoe and a knightly helmet. We don’t really fancy such design approach and it’s kinda weird to see a baggy pant robot as well. Simply said, the leg are too overly done.

Another part made of soft rubber part is the crotch cover.


Back kibble is also a sore sight to see. The dino head is seen unconcealed at the back. Though it doesn’t contribute any weight pulling factor to the figure, it does mar the visual presentation.

From the side, you will notice that the back panel doesn’t really close tightly. There are actually no pegs to hold it. Basically, you just have to leave them hanging.



The bottom back panel is also made of soft rubbery plastic which is actually the dino’s lower neck part.


A close up on the head piece and torso section. There is no light piping for the headpiece.

One thing you have to give in to this figure is the great paint job he has over smaller details (such as the small opening on the chest piece). More example of good paint application is like the waist cover with fading red.


Articulation Mapping

Articulation is quite decent. Unlike some of the dinobots, he actually doesn’t have much obstructing parts to mar the movement of the limbs.


(C) Transformation
Transformation is quite engaging. Most of the transforming processes take place in the lower abdomen section (from dino stomach onwards). It is actually quite interesting to see how the dino’s soft rubbery stomach is being concealed and transformed to be a part of his robot leg. Thus, the unavoidable baggy paint design.


(D) Gimmicks


(E) Comparison
A quick comparison with his voyager peer: the Grimlock. Grimlock shows more slimness design over him. AoE Slog has much rubbery parts and bulkier limbs thus he weights more and more solid than his peer.


Another comparison with the new dinobot deluxe: The Snarl.


For alt mode comparison, both voyagers actually are on the same scale.



(F) Gallery of Goodies












(G) Conclusion
For G1 lover, it is definitely a big NO to their liking since it’s a totally new design with much skeletal outlook and none G1 resemblance. Though the dino mode looks nice, it has a weird proportion of legs. For robot mode, it is based on the same “knight” concept throughout the line: bulky, jester legged, knight light helmet/headpiece, medieval and raw weaponary, etc. Overall, great paint jobs and details, but not-so-great robot design and definitely a big letdown to G1 Dinobot lovers.

My PCR for him: 7/10
What I like – Paint jobs; great details; engaging transformation.
What I dislike?– Weird dino leg proportion; baggy robot mode design with ugly backpack.

Until then, enjoy hunting and hauling!

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