Evasion Optimus Prime : Transformers 4 – Age of Extinction

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G1 homage of Optimus Prime in the movie? You shouted it and yes, Micheal Bay heard it and so as Hasbro too. Well, to name it differently, we called him as the Evasion Optimus Prime. The name does sound meaningful if you have watched the Transformers 4: Age of Extinction (AoE) movie which he is in the state of evicting from enemies (spoiler – human?) and remained as discreet as possible. Anyhow, it does sure nice to see Optimus Prime back to the old self again (kind off). Read on!


(A) Packaging
As this is the first AoE Voyager I am going to review, I will give a bit more detailed write up on the packaging. As my previous post on AoE Lockdown, the voyager packaging can be observed with same red-white treatment which looks absolutely stunning. Especially with the big block red “Transformers” wording  printed on the front left of the packaging, you can definitely see it from yards away.



Again, the new transformation skill level has been changed from “1,2,3 levels” into a more subjective “18 steps” transformation. To be frank, such steps don’t really give insight of how complicated/simple the figure is. Some figures can have like 18 or 20 steps but in actual fact, certain steps are way to trivial to be noticed and end up being a fairly simple figure. But in the case of this Evasion Optimus Prime, he is actually a quite fun to be transformed figure.



The other side of the package with just a simple yet striking red colored Transformers faction.


(B) Alternate Mode: 1986 Freightliner Cabover 
Now before we move into reviewing this stunning figure, Evasion Optimus Prime does comes with multiple versions with different price tags and color applications. You will have the Hasbro version (which is current being reviewed), the Takara and the Platinum version. All are the same mold but with different color/chrome application on certain parts. I don’t have all 3 versions to do a comparison with anyhow, so let’s just concentrate on Hasbro’s one for the time being.

As we are saying about  G1 homage which is partly due to its alt mode of a 1986 Freightliner Cabover truck. Yes, the familiar all square and no curve design with blue and red color which gives a direct representation of what a classic Optimus Prime should be.

Overall plastic quality is moderate. Not too heavy and not too light. One thing which worth the extra points is the paint application over this figure. Silver metallic colors are being used sparingly over parts to highlight the details (front grills, headlights, front bumper,etc)

Somehow, I don’t really fancy the big side mirrors the vehicle has. It is a bit overdone and you can’t actually flip them. Thus, this giving an extra protruding panel when in robot mode (which will be shown below).


The Autobot insignia is painted nicely on the silver color lining. All tyres are working fine with typical black hard plastic. No special color treatment being done to highlight those rims (as compared to the Takara version).


As contrary to the G1 truck of having 2 smoke stacks. This version only has one. You will feel weird at first, but it does follow the movie version as closely as possible.

The rear is actually quite plain in sight and you will actually see another set of windscreens (with wipers) located at the back.



(C) Robot Mode
Now move on to the robot mode, it has very minimal resemblance of G1 elements on him. Besides the similar grill and 2 windscreens on the chest area, the rest are pretty much new look.

Additional glossy red paintings can be observed on the chest part. Personally I don’t really like how the elbows/forearms are being designed. It does make a weird shape if you set both of the arms straight (like in pic). Looks like handicapped.


No back kibble or ugly backpack which is truly a relief.


No hollow back. As mentioned earlier on the big side mirrors in alt mode, they formed a big protruding panels on both of the forearms.


A close up on the torso and head section. Head sculpture is very detailed and in silver paintings. Light piping is working astoundingly with white iris lit up brightly on him. Another weird point of design here is the 2 projecting ‘sticks’ on the shoulders of him. That 2 sticks are actually are the smoke stacks. Now the magical question: You have 1 smoke stack in alt mode, but now you have TWO in robot mode, how can that be possible?

There are no Autobots insignia in sight during robot mode.


Articulation Mapping

There are quite a bit of articulations to be played with. One interesting (or annoying) articulation is the head piece. Although it comes with a ball joint, you can’t simply turn his head 360 degree straight on. You need to push the head up and only you can turn the head around. This is due to an extra panel located below the head which mars the turn-ability of the head.


(D) Transformation
Transformation is nicely done with fun and involving moment. Most transformations are carried out in the front section of the truck.


(E) Gimmicks

(F) Comparison
A quick comparison with various version of Primes. If you are comparing the Mp10 Optimus Prime and this Evasion Optimus Prime, you can notice clearly the difference being the 2 G1 inspired.

The right most OP is the voyager Takara AD12 Revenge Optimus Prime (aka Battleblade OP) which is more bulkier and heavier .


Interestingly small size (with is very similar size to the deluxe Generation Orion Pax) for a voyager class.


Comparison between 2 G1-inspired alt modes. Notice the difference and similarity?


Side comparison.



And of course, a comparison with his rival: the Galvatron in truck mode.



(G) Gallery of Goodies














(H) Conclusion
I really do like the overall robot and alt mode considering it a modern G1 homage of Optimus Prime. Transformation is fun and color application is top notch. Just the lack of gimmicks (such as matrix of leadership, etc) and some weird designs that bring down the points a bit. It’s a nice keep in the collection afterall.

My PCR for him: 8/10
What I like – Head sculpt; poseablity; G1 inspired alt mode; good transformation and paint applications.
What I dislike?– Weird forearm joint; lack of gimmicks.

Until then, enjoy hunting and hauling!

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