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“Hi there, I am the green Google Android mascot. My name is… eh.. I actually don’t have a name.. oh well.. ”

Well, for those Google Android fan (or you might be an Apple fan too) who would like to have their hands on this very adorable Android mascot. This is a blog post specially dedicated to you all. Read on and learn what this small and cute collectible has to offer (or at least, being cute) 🙂

If you still remember clearly that i have done a post on this Google Android toy previously (link here) , this one i have here is actually from the series 2. And for all these collectibles, they come in random content and you won’t know what will be in the box unless you open it. Fortunately enough, i have my hands on the green transparent mascot which i have been longing for.

The Black Box!
This is how the box look like. Black and “mysterious” box waiting for you to open and grasp what’s the goodies inside.

Here’s a “possibility” chart printed on the side of the box to show what are the chances of you getting the desired mascot. What’s the figure “2/16” meant is “2 out of 16 (as there are total of 16 boxes in the big carton)” which is roughly around 12.5% of getting the right one. And of course, as the number goes smaller (which is 1/16) is definitely a rare catch…

and not to mention, there’s the exclusive one with unknown possibility (“?/??”) which is definitely the rarest catch of all.

Anyhow, judging from the chart, the possibility of getting this one is slightly higher compared to others. 🙂 This should brighten your day if you plan to get him 🙂

Green Transparent Android Mascot
Well, here you go with the green dude in different views. Nothing much special and definitely no special design as compared to others. Just plain and see through of endless lime green which is good for the eyes though :p

Well, apart from having cheerful design, the toy does come with limited articulations for you to twist around. Both of the arms can be turned 360 degree sideways and while the head can be rotated 360 degree as well.

If you think this piece of toy only has aesthetic value, well, think again. Let’s put the mascot in use then! The head of the mascot can actually be opened where you can access the “hollow” compartment inside of him. That’s where you can keep smaller things inside of him, such as: coins, earrings, rings, paper clips, Optimus prime(?!), everything that is small enough to fit it!

Close up the lid (eh, i mean the head) and you will have your green dude back, with coins!

Here’s another comparison of him without the content inside. 🙂

Well, try fitting in something more fun…. for instance… an Optimus Prime!

Okay, that’s pretty much a joke. 🙂 Well, that’s all for the short review on the green dude.

Oh ya, if you plan to get one of this adorable collectible, do visit your nearest toy shop and grab them! Unfortunately, Playasia has sold out for this collectible, if you feel like trying your luck, you still can visit them here.

Until then, happy hunting and hauling!

12 thoughts on “Google Android Mini Collectible

  1. Thanks! I am lucky to have a girlfriend that not only lets me get away with having them take up half a room, but actually thinks they are “kinda” cool.

    1. Wow… that’s a bliss! Not all GFs, Wives understand the coolness of toys (especially Transformers one) ! My wife is slowly accepting it as well, previously was a havoc to let her know that i haul any TFs. lol.

    1. wow… ur collection is crazy! You got the legendary bruticus with FP add on as well! Great collections you are having there! I still haven’t got the space to display all my toys. Will definitely display them once i moved to a bigger space :p

  2. They say they “can’t not sell to your Territory”. Oh well, more money for transformers!

    1. That’s weird and what a way to do business and great disappointment to those who wanted to buy it.
      Yea, that’s mean more bullets for your transformers collection. lol. Anyhow, do you have any pictures of your transformers collection? :p

    1. @Joyce: Wow.. that’s a bit of investment to buy all 16 :p That’s near to a RM500 …
      @Triponthisman: OMG, They didnt? Why aren’t they selling?

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