Starwars Transformers: X-Wing Luke Skywalker

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The force is really strong with this X-Wing! And it causes it to transform like what a transformers do. Yes, it is another piece of my Starwars: Transformers collection that i have. This time around it would be the main character in Starwars film: Luke Skywalker and of course in his favorite space ship of all time: the X-Wing which will be his alternate mode. Still find it hard to imagine how a X-Wing can be transformed to Luke Skywalker robot? Read on then!

This piece of Hasbro toy is actually quite a classic which you can’t really find in the market nowadays. I got mine like 2 years back with the help from Grayfoxzero. I am not really sure they will do a re-issue or not but currently definitely is a rare find.

Alternate Mode: X-Wing
The alternate mode is a cool X-Wing fighter plane. The mold itself is a very close resemblance of the actual X-wing toy despite being a Transformers.

My version of X-Wing Transformers should be the 2nd batch of earlier Starwars: Transformer crossover as it does not come with the 1 inch figure which every 1st batch of toy has it. I used the 1 inch figure from my Transformer Snowspeeder to take the following picture instead as to show the size for the X-Wing. Notice that the ship is quite moderate in size and what i can say about the alternate mode is, it does have quite a nice details and painting.

For this X-Wing, you can actually open the wings to form the “X” shaped. However, I wouldn’t really recommend to open the wings as it will reveals the hands of the robot which are being hidden under the wing itself.

You can see the amount of details such as the turbine and different coloring being used for the bow of the ship. The ship also comes with landing gear whereby you can firmly rest the plane on flat surface.

You can notice that the rear of the ship has a metallic silver painting. It represents the engine part for the X-Wing. In my opinion, this is the most “realistic” and the best painted part of the whole ship.

The metallic silver painting for the engine can also be seen on the top part for the X-Wing. Here you can notice further details on the smoke painted on the turbine, burnt-dirt color for the bow of the ship as well. You can also notice there’s a R2-D2 sitting near the engine.

Here’s a close up on the little R2-D2 which is being affixed to the engine. You can’t really pulled it out though.

See the smoked air brush painting done on the afterburners of the ship which definitely add some points to the details of the ship.

Robot Mode: Luke Skywalker
Now let’s move on to Luke Skywalker. First impression on him, he is freaking WIDE! From the picture below, you can see what i meant. This is due to the width of the wings which you can’t actually fold them. In addition, the leg portion of the figure is quite skinny which makes the whole robot disproportionate and can’t withstand to the weight of the upper body. Thus, making the figure very difficult to pose and stand.

From the side profile, you can see the weight of the overall robot being the upper body which make him difficult to stand with his skinny leg with extender.

The head piece of the robot has quite number of details as well. Here’s a close up of it. You can notice that there’s the pilot goggle along with visible facial sculpture. The goggle is fixed and cannot be moved however. Here you can see the transparent compartment located at his chest which i guess is the robot cockpit for the 1 inch figure.

Transformation Process
Transformation is fairly simple and straightforward. Nothing much to brag about.

Gimmicks, gimmicks, gimmicks…
There are a few gimmicks that worth mentioning.

This is an overall very nice collection to have if you are a Starwars as well as a Transformers fan. However, there’s a some points which i don’t much fancy about it: 1) the overall joints are quite loose; 2) Disproportionate of the robot mode make it very difficult to stand and pose; 3) There are no 1 inch figure anymore. Bad points aside, this Hasbro piece does really exhibits details and nice coloring (metallic silver for the engine, smoked air brush for the afterburner, etc).

My point for him: 7/10. Here’s another pose of him to wrap up the sharing 🙂

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  1. Where to get X-Wings, but not the Transformers version ah? Any suggestion? There’s one toy shop at Amcorp Mall that sells X-Wings last time but finished liao.

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