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With the recent release of Wave 1 of Transformers Prime: Robot in Disguise (RID) line of toys, Soundwave can be said as the most seek after and most “scalpers” prone. Reason being the limited “1 unit per carton” strategy imposed by Hasbro again has definitely contribute the reason for such consequence. Moreover, the mast appearance of this anime accurate mold does win the heart of collectors alike. Seriously, who wouldn’t want to miss out the few Transformer Prime Decepticons toys available currently? I am lucky to grab hold of this hot piece and would like to share it out to you.

(A) What’s with the Packaging?
If you have noticed, the packaging for this new wave of Transformer Prime: RID has undergone a major redesign. From the contrast of black color in First Edition to the white color in the new release. This time around, there isn’t any more paper stand that comes with all release. I guess now much like those stands serve as an exclusiveness to the First Editions.

The level of complexity is being highlighted in red color for intermediate level and this is being observed throughout all deluxes and voyagers so far. And similarly, i have noticed they have used green to highlight for those easy levels such as the cyberverse commanders and legion classes.

The back of the packaging looks similar with excerpt of the character and with gimmicks highlighted.

Another new feature in packaging that you won’t see in other previous deluxes (and not even the DOTM Deluxes have it) which is the character technical data. What’s so special about it is not the data and statistic shown in graphs but the idea that this piece can actually be cut out and become a character file card. Similar treatment can be seen in RID Cyberverse commander and legion packaging as well, but instead you have to cut them out yourself in deluxe packaging, a tear-line actually exist where you can easily just tear them out and collect as a character card. Maybe is quite hard for you to visualize, but there will definitely be some posts on Commanders or legion class packaging coming up soon!

(B) Alternate Mode -UAV Spy Drone
The alt mode of Soundwave is actually a UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) spy drone. Overall color composition is much of a dull turquoise blue with purple decals here and there which somehow gel with his character of being a spy.

If you haven’t seen a bird like plane before, well, here’s one of it. Seriously my first impression on this drone craft is, it does look like a bird as he has a quite prominent bird-like head unit with the purple stripe as the eyes.

Quality wise, it is made of very light weight plastic and some of the parts make use of those soft rubbers as well. If you compared to his counterpart, First Edition Starscream, you will definitely be awed by how much better the quality of Starscream is. I just feel the overall fragile-ness of him, seriously.

You will notice the “eyes” and head of the plane more clearer here. I personally thinks that this alt mode is much like a bigger version of Laserbeak – a bird plane.

The overall design of the craft is quite simplistic and streamlined. Not much details can be seen and only some purple decal to juice up overall. Much more details are being focused at the rear part of the craft and that’s where the craft engine sits. Notice the purple decal painting does play a great role in bringing in the extra details. At least, it won’t be so dull.

And speaking of which, he doesn’t have the Decepticons insignia embeded anywhere in his alt mode.

(C) Robot Mode
If you have seen the series, this might be quite a show accurate mold for Soundwave. As for those new comers and not familiar with the series, you might think he looks like one of those Evangelion robots with very thin body line and sleek masked head pieced. And more funny of all, some might even think he is a long arm monkey of Decepticon who likes to climb those high hill of Cybertron. Well, his arms are almost like 85% length of his entire body which he should be acclaimed as the “longest arm” bots in Transformers Prime.

Seriously, if you think Starscream has a very thin body figure, think again. This Soundwave has much more putting up on weights and has eventually showcased more “skeleton” like details structure for his body design. Especially with the hand design which is just a mere one whole stretch of thin plastic wing. Whoa. Overall, i found the figure very pointy and edgy especially the head piece having all the protruding “points” there.

The side profile exhibits how “slim” of Soundwave can be. Definitely no space for back kibble.

Another “cute” design of him is the “straw” design of his fingers. Oh yes, if you can notice, his fingers are like sticking 4 thin straws together to a circle to form his hands. This really does remind me of him having such a scarecrow hand. Well, instead, he definitely won’t scare the crow away, just that he will attract one of his pet nearer to him instead :p

The back design is very similar to Starscream with the rear wings pointing downwards. And instead of showing the afterburner in Starscream, this piece hides that asset very well. I guess he can’t really fly like Starscream while in robot mode?

From the back, you will notice how much thinner Soundwave arms can go.

Articulation wise is surprising. You will notice extra articulations to the 2 very long arm. The rests are quite standard. Below is a rough posing which show the ability of his articulations. You got all the joints you need, the waist, 4 joints in each arm alone, etc.

A closed up look on this fencing masked rider. You will notice the minor silver metallic painting for the front “V” shape of the front and the back part of his head. There is no light piping to light up the big black mask.

Now, there isn’t a Decepticon insignia to be seen in Soundwave robot mode too. I guess, he hides it well too? Frankly, i have look high and low of it, but he doesn’t seem like showing which sides he is in. Spy, indeed discreet.

(D) Transformation
Transformation is quite straightforward actually. Nothing mind bogging though. Most of the time you will be transforming is the upper torso part.

(E) Gimmicks
Tons of gimmicks.

(F) Size Comparison
Well, not much a detailed comparison here, just a brief comparison with his counterpart, the Starscream. Notice the overall size of Soundwave.

See the back design? Quite a resemblance.

(G) Gallery of Goodies
Well, is eye candy time again after the long read. Starts off with some shots on the UAV alt mode.

A shot from the rear to highlight the afterburner of his.

A closed up shot on the bird head. I somehow liked this shot.

A shot with him with Laserbeak piggybacking him.

Now moved on to the shots of Soundwave in robot mode.

My favorite shot of Soundwave from side angle. Look wicked with all the details.

A very closed up on his headpiece.

Some shots of Soundwave with him loyal companion, the Laserbeak! Much like a cannon attached to his hand now.

(H) Conclusion
With very much love and hate of Soundwave, it does still pose a great deal of collection owning to the fact of his gimmicks and show accuracy. You wouldn’t want to miss him for sure if you want to form an arsenal of Decepticons robots, but do give and take on the quality of the figure. Overall, still a great idea/mold of him with the Laserbeak gimmick which I personally like the extra.

My PCR (Personal Collection Rating) for him: 7/10
What I like – The Laserbeak gimmicks which shows seamless combination in robot mode, you even wouldn’t know he is there! ; small Automorph gimmick.

What I dislike?– Light plastic quality; the scarecrow finger design; no light piping for his head; no Decepticon insignia in both alt and robot mode.

Until then, enjoy hunting and hauling! Be sure to like my post and share the poison around :p

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