Transformers Prime: Ratchet

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Red + white = pink? Wrong. We will have our Autobot medical specialist instead.  Guess every Transformers fans know this guy quite well. He has made a comeback in the Transformer Prime series too and of course with his own very toy figure. I remembered I hunted this Ratchet figure during the first release in Wave 2 of Prime toys and it was really quite a hot piece to be seek after at that time. Well, you definitely won’t want to miss him out off the Autobots team!

(A) What’s in the Package?
Well, the usual. We will start with the packaging. Pretty standard and definitely you wont be a stranger to this kind of design anymore.

A bit of story about Ratchet at the back of the packaging. Yadayadayada.

Some technical specs on him. He DOES really have skill!

Here’s what inside the packaging. Ratchet comes generously with 2 battle blades!

(B) Alternate Mode
First impression on Ratchet: Yes, you definitely know is HIM. The Ambulance colors scheme do give him away as being THE medical officer for Autobots. Well, don’t expect to see the Ambulance sign or siren there though and definitely not the Autobot insignia. Well, it does have a lot of white (just like Wheeljack) too which I am very wary of the discoloration over time. Disadvantages of white plastic anyhow.

The overall plastic quality is not bad and with some transparent bluish plastic as the screen in the alt mode, it does add in details.

Personally, i just found the design of him very blocky and has too much of 90 degree edges. Not so curvy and cool as others but heck, a medical car has to be practical even from the looks of it, can’t complain much :p

Details can be seen such as the front grill is being painted with silver metallic color. Pretty nice overall structure which quite closely resembling the CGI version of it except the 2 big “nostrils” design in front which actually is the weapon port for the dual blades. Yes, be prepared to see a “weaponized” alt mode for him.

Another design which i like is the huge side mirrors he has.

The tyres are not painted in silver metallic, disappointingly and expected.

The side profiles with those running lines do follow as closely to what the CGI version.

The rear bumper is being painted in silver metallic color as well which does add to the nice touch. You will be able to see some “panels” details here too but of course, they are just being aesthetic without the actual ability of  interacting with them.

The top view reveals another 2 big 5mm ports as well. Besides that, the striking red color takes up 50% of the color here. Upon closely observation, there’s actually a paint chip that appears in top part near the windscreen section. I guess i got the “unlucky” one having the paint chip. Not sure about the quality of paints for others though.

(C) Robot Mode
Seriously, i really like the robot mode. It does looks very cool and the overall robot design is not too skinny (like shockwave or soundwave), not having long arms (like wheeljack), very well balanced and sturdy lookin. The overall color distribution is really eye pleasing with the dominant white and some red colors to highlight some of the body structures. Beside the red and white, the transparent blue here also stand out in projecting the detail at the lower leg section.

Actually, with the dual blades that he has, he kinda reminds me of Raphael from Ninja Turtle (who is using a dual Ninja Sai) and not to mention the red color scheme he has which coincided with Raphael favorite color.

The overall body to weight distribution is well done and this is a very solid and sturdy standing robot. There are no back kibbles to pull the weight backwards. But somehow, I don’t really like how the leg portion is being designed with the 2 doors positioned there.

Well, he does have a “backpack” design here. The rear part does make him looks like he is wearing a big medical pack. With it, it has actually blocked out the entire upper portion. Yes, you can hardly see the head.

What i like about Transformer Prime is they are generously using the silver metallic colors. Same goes to Ratchet we have here, you will see the metallic silver being used in big and small area. Having said that, a closer examination on the chest area, there’s a “grill-like” design on the lower abdomen which also being painted in silver metallic.

Well, the headpiece also has silver paints with light piping in blue color which greatly resembling the one we are seeing in the Prime series. The 2 pointing “antennas” are actually solid plastic which you can’t bend.

Below is the articulation mapping for Ratchet. Very decent and nice pose-ability which you can pose him with confident and style. A point to note on the “legs (swivel joints), which actually don’t really much of usage as most of the time the hips are the one who is doing all the movement. It is kind of like a redundant joint which doesn’t contribute much to transformation sequence and pose-ability.

(D) Transformations
Transformation isn’t that difficult and quite straightforward. Nothing to shout about except for the cool “automorph”/revealing gimmick used in step 6 and has been elaborately explained in the transformation gimmick section down below.

(E) Gimmicks

(F) Gallery of Goodies
Nuff said. Let the pictures do the talking! Some pictures on the alt mode.

The “weaponized” alt mode of Ratchet.

Further powered up Ratchet with the weapon borrowed from Energon Towline.

Robot mode of Ratchet.

The secret weapon of Ratchet!

(G) Conclusion
I really like him a lot. Despite having the not so cool alt mode (due to an ambulance squarish vehicle), the robot mode is very decent looking and packed with easter eggs for you to look for.

My PCR for him: 8/10
What I like – Great pose and quite articulated; cool colors combination.
What I dislike?– Minor paint chips; rubbery blades.

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