TF Prime Cyberverse Legion: Arcee

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Sexy and never loses her calm and coolness, an equation that’s only fits in for Arcee. Being the very few female Transformers in Transformer Prime, she does pose an attraction for me for not missing out any mold that she has to offer. Up to date, there are actually 3 different molds of her exist in Transformer prime toyline: the First Edition (reviewed earlier) , the Robot in Disguise deluxe and legion.

Well, what i am going to share out today is the smaller reincarnation of her, the legion class. I usually don’t really fancy smaller mold as they exhibit lesser pose-ability, play-ability and details, but as mentioned earlier, Transformer Prime molds are very hard to resist even with the smallest one available. Read on for the spice of hot chili peppers (well, it appears in blue) !

(A) What’s with the Package?
Pretty standard packaging you have here with legion class, guess you all might have bored seeing it here again and again and so i won’t brag too much about it.

The back with the story, yada yada yada.

Some sexy insights of what this girl is going to offer. Well, not exactly those body figures you been expecting though. Again, this piece of card can be torn off as a separate collector bio card. How handy.

The package comes with the Arcee herself and a Snap-On Blaster. Yes, you are right. It is the same blaster as used in the Legion Bumblebee. I guess they are recycling these weapons.

(B) Alternate Mode
Though being small, I still find the alternate mode of Arcee in great shape and details. Of course, you can’t compare much to those bigger deluxe class. But for the size of legion like this, you are definitely seeing some amount of details here. Anyhow, the built quality of her is quite solid and actually the whole figure itself does weight a bit despite the smaller size.

Well, don’t expect to see the usage of transparent plastic for her. Most of the supposed-to-be transparent plastic is being replaced with color paints. Despite being so, color is being painted nicely and definitely no misaligned paints or paint chips can be noticed. Besides, they are using metallic paints instead of normal one which does add on the detail.

The tyres too exhibit details such as the tyre tread and unpainted tyre rims. You will see more in the side profile.

Nothing can be seen at the rear. No exhaust opening or rear lights.

The side clearly shows the tyre rims. Is hard to believe this small motorbike can actually be transformed into Arcee. Simple yet nice toy engineering.

The top show not much of detail, but you can roughly made out for the dashboard and handlebar.

Here’s a closed up for the “dashboard” Well, nothing much you can see here.

(C) Robot Mode
With some simple transformation, you will get Arcee set up in no time. The robot mode itself exhibits more colors as compared to the alt mode. From here, you get to see metallic silver paint being used to highlight parts like the headpiece, chest area and the knee area.

The figure itself stood 3 inches tall and with very limited pose-ability to play with. Well, as you notice that, she doesn’t has a proper hand which is being substituted with something like a C-peg structure.

From the side, you can notice how big are the wings. Despite being a big backpack design, it doesn’t really contribute much weight for pulling the whole figure backwards. The overall body to weight distribution is nicely done.

The front of the alt mode actually becomes the back-pack with wings for the robot mode. So you pretty much see the handlebar at the back. No hollow back design can be seen.

Another point worth mentioning, despite small, the headpiece’s details are very nicely sculptured to show the face of Arcee. If you notice clearly, the eyes are being painted in metallic blue with different layer of circle inside them to highlight the iris for the robot. Additionally, you can notice the simple mouth structure as well (just a stroke in the plastic). Well done in getting those details up even for the size of her!

The oversized Autobot insignia clearly embeded on the chest part of the robot.

Articulation Map
Here’s a quick view of what are the articulations point in this Legion Arcee. Quite limited but, hey, it still can pose well 🙂

(D) Transformation
Well, transformation is not complicated and definitely easy to manage. But frankly, during first transformation, i was stuck at one point trying to understand the sequence. Maybe i am just too noob to handle too simple transformation?

(E) Gimmicks

(F) Size/Scale Comparison
Guess most of Prime fan is anxious about how this Arcee fits with the rest of her teammates. Well, fortunately enough to say, her alt  mode is quite in scaled with other deluxe class. Below are the size comparison between her and Bumblebee.

Here’s a comparison between her and the bigger self of First Edition Arcee.

Unfortunately, the robot mode is not as in scaled with others deluxe class.

Well, the size is clearly significant between the 2 robots.

You might wonder how she stacks up with a human figure. I took the smaller figure from the Human Alliance basic to make the comparison. He actually looks bigger compared to Arcee.

Well, he does look weird riding a smaller bike.

(G) Gallery of Goodies
Some shots for the small beauty.

(H) Conclusion
Small, but yet detailed figure. Definitely a great collection to add in if you are fond of Transformer Prime. At least I do. Well, it is still a legion class afterall and don’t expect it has full pose-ability. But what i would like to say is, she is one hell of a cool little chick robot.

My PCR (Personal Collection Rating) for him: 8.5/10
What I like – Solid quality; quite a bit of details for a small figure (especially the headpiece) ; decent transformation.

What I dislike?– Lousy add on cannon (which is really soft for my liking).

Until then, enjoy hunting and hauling! Be sure to spread the poison around.

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