Transformers Dark of the Moon: Shockwave

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With the official launching of the Dark of the Moon toys, i have managed to grab a few starters myself off the shelves. And of course, one of it being the most seek after Dark of the Moon collection which i am going to review today. This will actually be released in the wave 2 but for certain reason, it was being released earlier to local toy shop instead. Yes, you wont find them in those bigger chain store like Toysrus for this wave 2 figure.

I guess some of you might seen a new red eyed cyclop Decepticon either online or even in the new Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon movie trailer. You might be guessing who is the new robot? Well, if you are a G1 Transformer fan, you might find the resemblance of the 1 eye dude is actually Shockwave. Beside the eye that is, the rest of the body feature is totally a new design. To me, it does remind me of a robot in Gundam which has the same 1 red eye and body structure anyhow.

I am not a G1 fan and nor do i am familiar with how the original Shockwave looks like. But to me, this movie version of Shockwave is really a must have in my Dark of the Moon toy collection. I really like how the robot is being designed: muscular, solid, wicked and gigantic. And by matching the dual cool Mechtech weapons, it does make this Shockwave a tough robot not to be messed with!

Can’t wait to see more on Shockwave? Read on!

Alternate Mode : Ground Assault Mode
The alternate mode of the Shockwave is something like a Cybertronian Ground Assault Vehicle. Well, i actually don’t really fancy cybertronian vehicle and that is why in my collection i seldom have them. However, this alternate mode of Shockwave has a strong attraction to me and make me grow my affection towards it. I especially like how the Mechtech cannon is being blended in with the overall figure either both robot and alternate mode. Unlike the voyager Optimus Prime and Skyhammer figure that i have reviewed, their MechTech weapon is abruptly situated/plugged into parts of the alternate mode.

Anyhow, the 1st impression on this figure is tough. Tough as in the build and plastic quality it comes with. It does feel very solid and the joints are exceptionally well and stiff. A job well done i would say.

If you have seen the G1 version of the Shockwave, the color scheme for this new Shockwave does look alike as well: being purple as the main dominant color along with some grey colors to jazz up the Shockwave look.

I really like the flexible black hose here that seem like connecting the weapon to the power supply on the vehicle itself. This is the 1st time ever i have such uniquely designed weapon (with hose intact that is). This makes me wonder how will the actual vehicle mode in the movie look like. Can’t wait for it.

In addition to the big hosed cannon, there’s another weapon which is a non-mechanical blade. Nothing much fancy about it anyhow. But with this additional blade, you can definitely plug into any other main MechTech weapons from other model to form a bigger weapon.
You can see the amount of details here which does give the impression of being a cybertronian alien form. There are no sexy curve or smooth aerodynamic design here, just pointy and angled alien designed craft.

The alternate mode has a wheel like structure situated in front and a normal tank tread design that make up the rear part of the wheel.

Here are the tank treads details located at the bottom of the vehicle. See the amount of details on those treads. And of course, they are non-movable and the actual moving parts are the 2 small wheels located at the rear of the vehicle.

Nothing much on the rear of the vehicle mode. It does look bare a bit.

Robot Mode: Shockwave
Here you go with the Shockwave in robot form. The overall first impression on him is WICKED especially with the lighted red eye and the skeletal design at the chest part. As mentioned before, the building quality is very solid and you definitely will feel it when you first lay your hand on the robot mode of the Shockwave.

The overall weight distribution of the robot is nicely done and it stands sturdily with ease as well. Articulation is pretty standard anyhow. Oh ya, there’s no waist joint here as compared to previous 3 voyagers i have reviewed. Too bad.
The side view of the robot does make it look very thin and blocky.
The backpack design for the Shockwave is nicely done. 2 of the 3 rounded structures are actually make up of the front wheel of the alternate mode in which you can turn them like the front wheel.

You can notice the generous amount on the light pipe’s opening. This allows very brightly lit eye piece which you can see in the closed up picture of the head piece.
Here’s the cool and wicked one eye brightly lighted up by the light piping. The light piping works exceptionally well here.

Don’t be fooled by the light, it is not a LED! 🙂

Transform and Roll Out!
Transformation process isn’t really hard and you can get the correct steps even for the 1st time transforming it. They are quite straightforward.

Show Me Whatcha Got!

Some Poses!
Here are some poses i managed to shoot for Shockwave.

I like this pose the most!

I really like this piece of Transformers: Dark of the Moon collection. It has cool robot and alternate mode and the MechTech weapon design is very well done (especially the part where it blends in very well into the alternate mode) . For those Transformer movie toy fan, this is a piece you shouldn’t be missing and definitely worth grabbing out. For this, i will give a PCR (Personal Collection Rating) of 9.5/10. Well, just wait for wave 2 to be released to those bigger chain stores (by end of May, maybe) or you can start scouting them in those local toy shop. But i highly doubted there’s any left on the shelf for him :p Too much people wanted this red eyed cyclop. Anyhow, enjoy hunting and hauling!

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  1. Nice pics, matey, though i’m still not convinced to get one-eyed Jack ‘ere 😉

    1. thanks bro. Geeee.. wait till you watch the movie :p i m sure you will slowly be poisoned by him. hahahaha…

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