Transformers Animated: Arcee

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Well, here you go with another piece of my favorite Transformers Animated collection. She is Arcee. Finally a fem-bot in my almost male dominated robots collection. Ahem, apart from having the feminine features of the robot, she does have much of cool posture and vehicle form. I guess she is quite a seek-after as you can rarely see her in the market nowadays and believe me, people still looking all over for her.

I guess most of the Transformers fans are no stranger to Arcee as she is one of the few female robot in the Transformers series. If you don’t know about Transformers cartoon (like me) but you are a fan of the Transformer movie itself, you will sure remember clearly that Arcee is a sexy motorbike in the Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen together with her “sisters” Chromia and Elita-1. Anyhow, if you feel like digging more info on her, you can click here for the full profile.

I can only find Takara Tomy version of animated Arcee sold in Malaysia. I am not sure about oversea anyhow but it is good enough to have such nice robot in the best quality Takara Tomy has to offer. But anyhow, this Takara Tomy Transformers Animated is of the older version in which their color is still the normal matte color instead of the metallic color for the newer version like the Rodimus Prime i shared earlier. If they can come out with a metallic version of her, i am sure it will be the perfect collection for me 🙂

Vehicle Form – Cybertronian Sport Car
The vehicle form for Arcee is actually a purplish pink sleek cybertronian sport car. One thing i always stress about why i like Transformers Animated toy series is that they have 3Ss (Simple, Streamlined and Symmetric)  design for both robot and vehicle mode. There is no exceptional for Arcee and everything is simple and yet nice design.

The primary color for Arcee is purplish pink and only small amount of white, grey, yellow and black painting have been used.

The double spoilers of the vehicle can actually be detached for unknown reason (i guess it is for another mode of sport car?).

Unfortunately, there 2 parts which spoil the overall details of the robot : Notice that the painting for the front headlight is a bit off (you can notice it from the below picture for the right yellow headlights) and the gap between them is quite loose apart.

You can’t really open the driver window vertically. And even if you do, there isn’t a lot of details inside the driver seat.

As you can notice the blue transparent (afterburner/thruster alike) is actually Arcee’s main weapon: the 2 blue transparent blades. I will elaborate on this at the gimmick section below.
The large Autobot insignia is being painted on the transparent driver window on the vehicle. So far i guess this is the BIGGEST Autobot insignia i have for the collection that i have.

Robot Mode – Arcee
The robot for Arcee is very cool. She has quite substantial articulations for you to actually pose a lot of cool and confident postures.

The proportion of the robot is quite balanced and you will not suffer for trying to pose her in a way you like as compared to others.

You can also noticed that the LARGE light piping mechanism at the back of the head. This is not a mere decoration as it does help to light up the diamond blue eyes of Arcee. I will elaborate more on this in the gimmick section below.

Transformation Process
Like most of the Transformers Animated series of toys, the transformation tends to be very straightforward and easy. It doesn’t involve a lot of complicated twist and turning. If you are a rookie, i guess you can try transforming her even without the manual.

Gimmicks, gimmicks, gimmicks….
A few gimmicks that worth mentioning:

This version of Arcee is a must have. And it is definitely one of my TOP 10 coolest collection of Transformers (1 of it being Rodimus Prime Animated). Anyhow, this toy has been in the market for awhile now, and if you are really interested in owning one, you can try your luck with your local toy shop as from what i know, she is getting rare nowadays and very hard to find. If you have seen one, better grab it fast 🙂

My personal rating: 9/10. Can’t give full mark due to the large gap and the painting in the headlights. But overall, she is definitely one mean and cool robot that you wouldn’t like to mess, eh, i mean miss out.

10 thoughts on “Transformers Animated: Arcee

  1. What I love about tea is its screen accuracy. The cartoonist from cartoon network and hasbro toy production works closely in the design of the characters.

    1. wow.. great to hear that… I like them coz of their streamlined and simple design. Very much like those designer’s toys. Can really make a cool desktop decoration.

  2. Yeah man. Free mushrooms to harvest, heh heh…

    Cannot open them ler. It’s a hassle to put them back in the box, especially if I move house again.

    1. No problem! This is definitely the piece you will treasure it like mad :p Did you open yours?

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