Toys Display @ 1Utama, Parkson

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While i was shopping in Parkson (at 1Utama Shopping Center, Malaysia), I stumbled upon something that really caught my eyes. This time around it wasn’t those shiny new toys which were the starring, there were 2 cases of toy displays that actually stole the limelight. 1st one being placed at the Transformers toys section.

The setting for the 1st display is actually a fighting scene between Optimus Prime and Starscream in a forest settings. You really can see much details on the settings and they actually repainted both the leader class figures to show the battle damaged details. Besides that, there are realistic “branches” and green glass around which add in the realistic touch of the whole display.

Here’s a close up of the 2 gentlemen in the forest fighting scene. See the detailing on the ground and settings. Quite impressive to see such decorative display being done.

You can see quite a detail on the battle damaged Optimus prime. Scratches, burnt, smoked. And you can even notice there are bullet holes on him. Neat!

I can’t really take much details on the Starscream anyhow as I am not tall enough to make a top shot for the display case (and being the fact that the display case is being put on a higher level on the shelves) . Too bad.

The other side of the shelves is another toy display for the Starwars Animated toys. Similar to the Transformers display, the figures as posed in the display is repainted to certain extend.

You can see the metallic touch for the repainted AT Walker.

Oppsss..seem like a storm trooper has fallen to his knee. Hmm.. they didn’t stick him properly i guess.

You can see the dark green Yoda. hmm…

I always like to see such settings with toys. This is what brings out the life in the figures. Anyhow, if you ask me whether i would do the same to my toy collection, the answer would be a NO. Reason being? I like to interact with my toys or at least able to play around with them once in a while. If i have such settings, i guess it is impossible to do so. So might as well let my toys live their own separate life in boxes and cabinets 🙂

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