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If you were thinking this Transformers Prime Cyberverse Commander class is just another Commander line similar to the previous Dark of the Moon, well, you are definitely wrong. What this new line of commanders are offering will be far more greater, more awesome, more gimmicks and definitely much more better! Frankly, for those who knows about me, they know that i don’t have much interest in legion or smaller commander class due to its simplicity and lesser details. But this new line of commander has totally changed my perception towards how a smaller sized toy can be very much equivalent to a deluxe class. Intrigued? I am. Read on to find out more about this smaller size of the green voyager guy i did earlier. Yea. His name is Bulkhead, and he has made a small but feature packed comeback!

(A) What’s in the Package?
Well, pretty much standardize of color, look and feel over the new RID line. Yes. White color background which all RIDs have the same fate.

As highlighted in eye pleasing green color to denote the level of simplicity: Level 1 Easy. We have seen the red tag for level 2 intermediate in all deluxes reviewed earlier.

The back still highlights the character story which has been a norm in all previous releases of Transformers Toys.

Well, here you go with the new feature of the packaging: The detachable “File Card” which is something new.

Well, “detachable” as in you can straight tear it off from the box as there are already made tear-line on it. As opposed to the deluxe classes packaging which you still have to take the trouble of cutting them loose using cutting tools, commanders and legion class has the luxury of omitting such “tedious” process. Guess you can say goodbye to the scissors this round.

(B) Alternate Mode
Started off with the alt mode. It might look big in the pictures, but frankly they are 3 times smaller compared to his bigger twin voyager class. Though being small, the plastic quality is very much solid felt and definitely the figure weights more than it’s look. Really impressed on the built quality.

Colorings are of top notch and details are comparable to those deluxes. Seriously, it is fun to have a smaller size of the much bigger Bulkhead and you will definitely keep on admiring the details this alt mode has to offer.

Apart from NOT having those transparent plastic used for the typical windscreen, it has been shifted for usage on the front bonnet instead. It somehow creates the perception of a see-through engine bay which you can actually get a glimpse of what’s underneath the hood. Believe me, if you have one lying around you, try to take a closer look at the see-through bonnet and you definitely will notice there’s an engine lying underneath it.

Much to enhance the details of the front grill and headlights, silver metallic colorings are being used. You can really see how each parts are being clearly defined, thanks to the high quality silver metallic paints used.

The side view exhibits some complicated running lines which add to the details and give a gratification of having such small figure doesn’t mean details have been scarified. The only complain here is they did not add any silver metallic touch to the rims. After all, it does cost cheaper than a deluxe.

The rear lights are being painted with shiny red color which doesn’t show any paint chips or misalignment.

Oh ya, if you are looking for the 2 exhausts (which exists in the voyager Bulkhead), they are here too but which don’t really seem like one. They are actually the expose ball joints of his big hands.

The top view reveals more light blue transparent plastic touch plus some running protruded plastics which definitely adds to the overall details. Even from a simple angle, these details are exceptionally stood out.

Another view to add in is the bottom view which actually concealed every robot part nicely. Okay, beside the hands, which are obviously and abruptly shown. The point is, they really designed it nicely even with the limitation of size and spaces.

(C) Robot Mode
With not just a few steps flip thru, you will have your mini sized Bulkhead standing sturdily. Overall first impression is, he is one solid built commander class and quite near to show accuracy.

One thing you will might notice is the oversized shoulder pad plus a pair of weird plastic sticking out of them. I found it pretty awkward design as they actually can add in a hinge joint to retract the extra protruding parts. Oh well, cost matters i guess.

The side view shows the 2 little tyres hanging there which don’t really contribute much to the back kibble weight. The once hidden Autobot insignia in alt mode can now be clearly seen on, not one, but both of his hands.

From the back, you will see those honeycomb design of hollow opening spaces again which has similar treatment with deluxe Wheeljack i reviewed earlier. There’s a big hollow opening at the chest section which actually has other usage of it. Will elaborate more on the gimmicks section. Just hold on to your horses.

A closer view on the head-chest section. Though being small, you can still see the headpiece being sculpted with the utmost details. Beside leaving out of the light piping for his eyes, everything is pretty much there with silver metallic painting of mouth piece.

Another point to stress out is, the nicely design light blue transparent plastics (from the front bonnet and top of the alt mode) now find their resting place in the robot mode’s chest. Overally, such treatment does bring out much details of this smaller figure.

Well, I guess most of the collectors/fans another main concern is: I got a cool looking robot, but can it POSE flexibly?   Oh yes, Hasbro has not sacrifice any articulations for this smaller figure and in fact, they are very much on par with what the deluxes’ articulations can offer. As below is a sample of how much more the Bulkhead articulations can get you with. Oh ya, his head is fitted with ball joints too, which unlike some of the smaller class which forgo this feature.

The only complain about the joint is the ankle joint which has limited and rigid movement. This means, you might have a bit of hard time make him stand at certain pose.

(D) Transformations
It is quite fun to transform him and definitely it might not be as hard as it seen. It is quite straightforward but definitely involving. Frankly, it is quite interesting to see how the bigger robot can be packed into such a smaller car.

On top of that, there’s something like an automorph feature as well in this Bulkhead. This can be seen in Step 3 to Step 4 whereby you have to pull the front 2 legs forwards. By pulling them it will somehow move the front bonnet backwards to the chest position as they are actually interconnected.

(E) Gimmicks

Well, here comes the comparison. First off, between his twin voyager brother. Color of the commander class is much a darker shade green. And the size of it, well, is 3 times, definitely.

Beside the ports, you are actually seeing the quite identical alt mode.

From the side view, the commander class Bulkhead does has more details as compared to the voyager class.

Here are the 2 exhausts as compared side by side with the bigger voyager class.

Well, wonder how the size stacks up with the voyager in robot mode? Well, it actually has half the height of the voyager class.

Well, definitely much more smaller if compared from side view.

Seem like daddy and son from this picture.

Well, a simple comparison with deluxe Cliffjumper. Well, definitely not as big different as compared to voyager and I bet Cliffjumper will wonder why the shrunk Bulkhead. lol.

(G) Gallery of Goodies
Here are some pictures of Bulkhead in alt mode.

More on robot mode.

(H) Conclusion
This commander class Bulkhead does worth every penny and it doesn’t disappoint me in most of the aspects. A must buy imho. Great mold, good articulations and great details for such a small guy. It does really change my perception towards commander class ultimately. Guess i will have to fork out more budget to collect more of this commander line. Oh well.

My PCR (Personal Collection Rating) for him: 9.5/10
What I like – Great details; good articulations; light piping chest piece; nice “mechtech” gimmicks (ports and pegs) which opens to unlimited combination of weapons configuration;

What I dislike?– Ankle articulation makes it hard to stand at certain position.

Until then, enjoy hunting and hauling! Be sure to like my post to share the poison around :p

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