Soundwave: Fall of Cybertron

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If you have the deluxe War of Cybetron Soundwave, you may be anticipated to get this upscale version of voyager Soundwave which is branded under the Fall of Cybertron toyline.  Apart from the different in sizes, there are a few more “enhancements” being done on addressing the shortcoming of the smaller deluxe version. Read on to find out more about what this voyager has to offer and you’ll be the judge of him whether is worth your buck for collection!


(A) What’s in the Package?
The package comes with the figure Soundwave, a shoulder blaster and the primary gimmick of all: the one touch transform Laserbeak. Of course, you still can have his other minions which are being sold as a 2 packs sets that is available in 2 different sets.

An interesting point that stirs most Transformers fans asking, where’s the extra 2nd weapon as depicted in the instruction manual as well as the back packaging of Soundwave? The question remains unanswered and mostly speculating that the gun is actually “borrowed” from G1 Optimus Prime to be used as a product shot. My take would be the cutting cost of it to accommodate the more costly Laserbeak into the package. False advertisement in all.


(B) Alternate Mode
If you are familiar with the deluxe version of Soundwave, this will be the bigger version of him representing the Cybertronian mine sweeping truck. Though they are almost similar mold, much have been done to accommodate new features on him which have been vastly explained in the gimmick section.

You might be wondering he will definitely weight more due to the size. Don’t be fooled by the look and he actually just weighted a bit more heavier than a deluxe class.


First impression on this Voyager alt mode, it does look like a giant mammoth to me with 2 tusks splitting out in both sides of the car. The overall looks very clumsily designed and lack of the sleek sporty definition as with the deluxe version.

However, being the bigger voyager class, do expect to see more details and additional materials being used such as better treatment being done to the tire (with transparent purplish plastic being used) and some silver metallic treatment here and there.


From the front view, it does show how awkwardly tall of the vehicle mode is, especially with the mine sweeping mechanism that clearly defies the purpose of them due to the higher position. Well, in all, there’s a reason for this which is being designed to accommodate the disc compartment. More detail on this in the gimmick section.


From side profile, you can notice much of the details being highlighted in different colors. Dominantly in dark navy blue with additional touches of purple, silver, grey and red to highlight more of the details.


You will actually see a small chair located on top of the vehicle. It does goes with 1 inch figures if you ever want to have “someone” sitting there taking care of the gun turret. In actual fact, there’s an undocumented fact that those diaclone drivers fit nicely. Who would know since “diaclones” are so obsolete like dinosaurs.


(C) Robot Mode
Now off to the robot mode of Soundwave. Kinda true to its form as in the game. One thing I like about it is the different color composition of him added up with a not so dull color settings. You still will get the usual appearance of him like the deck panel located in the chest area. But this time, it is not just aesthetic and there’s another part of gimmick here. Again, read on gimmick section below for the detail write up.

Not sure is it only me or what, i just felt the his arms are a bit out of proportion in length. Oh well, maybe just my own perception.


Do expect a back kibble for him due to the gimmick he has. In all, you will have a pretty clumsier and bulky Soundwave as compared to the deluxe.


From the back, you will observe such a “pretty” sight of screws.


The headpiece of Soundwave is actually being lighted up by light piping mechanism. A very job well done i must say. Much details have been done to the headpiece as well, especially on the coloring. Nice!


Articulation Mapping

(D) Transformations
This voyager Soundwave has the similar transformation sequence as the deluxe version. Pretty straightforward and it won’t take too much time figure out how to transform if you have the deluxe. Nothing fancy to shout about. Just felt that they can actually have a bit more for the voyagers, but seem like is just so simple, even for a voyager class.


(E) Gimmicks






(F) Size Comparison
I guess this part is what concerns us most. The size between the deluxe and the voyager. Well, here are a few comparison shots which give you a better sight.


Clearly, the deluxe class has a more sleeker profile as compared to the voyager version. The voyager version is just way too clumsy as in the alt mode. But give and take, the voyager exhibits much of the details which will not be in deluxe.


Here’s a quick comparison in robot mode. The voyager definitely has the better details and color composition as compared to the deluxe, but again, the deluxe Soundwave has the more sleeker profile as compared.


Notice how much the back kibble in the voyager class brings. From here, you just notice that the voyager Soundwave is having a very fat out tummy (and not to mention SQUARE).


(G) Gallery of Goodies
Here are some shots on Soundwave in both alt and robot mode.













(H) The Famous Secret Mode?
Well, i think most of you know about this so called 3rd fan transform mode of Soundwave into a music player. You can achieve the same transformation as in the deluxe version to this voyager version. Here are some pictures of him in the famous music player mode. Cool rite? Though is fan made mode, but it sure does feel like an official mode which Hasbro can actually put in their papers for this!







(I) Conclusion
As having both of the deluxe and voyager version, I still pretty much prefer the deluxe version due to the sleeker profile of the mold. This voyager version is just bigger size and crabby gimmicks being thrown in, especially the very “ingenious” idea of how the disperse of the disc is just plain disgust and annoying. Thanks to this, Soundwave has a fat out tummy and a clumsy alt mode which makes him like a giant mammoth nonetheless.

My PCR for him: 6.5/10
What I like – Nice head piece; comes in arrays of color composition which highlight details; Interesting design of the Laserbeak.

What I dislike?– Not so intuitive gimmick on the disc dispensing mechanism; false advertisement on having additional weapon; clumsy alt mode and the fat tummy robot mode.

Until then, enjoy hunting and hauling!

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2 thoughts on “Soundwave: Fall of Cybertron

  1. I guess most of them figure it out :p It’s definitely a false advertisement by Hasbro.

  2. Secret mode rawks! Nice review, btw. It’s great that you highlighted the part about the missing blaster for unsuspecting buyers. What a bummer.

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