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Smokescreen is probably the most anticipated and seek after Autobot in the Transformers Prime toyline. Previously there’s a release from Takara Tomy (AM26: Smokescreen) which makes use the same mold as Knockout with the only different is that you need to apply those stickers to make him as Smokescreen. It was a disappointment to a lot of Transformers fan and what TakTom did is really obvious to milk the collector with the same mold. However, Hasbro has made a pacifying move by release the all new molded Smokescreen under the new wave of Transformers Beast Hunters. Read on to find out what this long anticipated mold can offer you!


(A) Alternate Mode
If you remember it right, Smokescreen appears in the Season 2 of the Transformer Prime as a sleek McLaren MP4-12C sport car. However, don’t expect the same sleekness to be carried on the toy. Basically you still have the same profile of the alt mode, but there seems to be a major tweak to the front head and fog lights. And simply, this is just to make it more “beastie” look as Hasbro wanted to brand him under the Beast Hunter line.


The same color scheme from the series has been reflected to the toy with dominant white, sporty blue and red with the 38 side decals. The only thing you wont see in the Prime series is the front yellow headlights which creates such an attention seeker to fellow fan. Pretty much myself found them distracting and virtually spoil the entire color composition. He looks better without the yellow headlights in all.


Side decal “38” nicely painted on both sides of the alt mode. They have done an acceptable paint jobs on him though still most of the parts are just the matte surface from the plastics. No special treatments have been done to highlight those rims and tires  In my opinion, the alt mode will definitely look stunning with silver metallic paint on the rims.

The windows of Smokescreen is made of transparent blue plastic.


Not much of a treatment from the rear of the alt mode.


Somehow my Smokescreen exhibits 2 overlays of blue at the corner of the roof. It is quite obvious and there’s a bit of paint chip being observed as well.

Similar as previous Transformers Prime RID line, you wont get to see any insignia in both robot and alt mode.


(B) Robot Mode
1st impression on Smokescreen robot mode, another Gurren Lagann inspired chest piece? But in actual fact, Hasbro is trying to imitate the car front lights into the chest part of the robot. As seen here the yolk yellow pieces are actually the 2 front lights of the car. However, the overall implementation just gives false impression of a face like chest part for Smokescreen. At least, that’s what makes me think so. What do you think?


Another thing is, he does have a bulky and big leg. Well, that does mean that the robot will have much more stability due to the overwhelmingly designed bottoms.


Nothing much of  back kibbles and the 2 doors which actually form the wings. Much like his brother in arm Bumblebee which has similar approach.


On to the headpiece, very show accurate sculpture. However, you wont be getting the red color painted face and blue iris, instead, it is being replaced by blue face and yellow iris (why the yellow 🙁 ) . Here’s how he actually looks like in the Prime series.


Articulation Mapping
Another thing which is a letdown is the very loose shoulder joints. This is quite annoying especially during the transformation to alt mode whereby the joints keep on pop out. Moreover, although the headpiece is in ball joints, you can only make the head turns left and right. Only to minimal extent that you can move the head up and down.


(C) Transformations
Transformation is quite complicated. It took me awhile during first time transformation especially on the part (part 3 > part 2 for transformation from robot mode to alt mode) where you need to flip in both arms into the car body. The process needs you to flip in correctly the angle of the arms in order to fit in the parts nicely. It will take you a lot of trial and error (not to mention, popping out of the joints) to get them fits in nicely. Kinda a nuisance I must say and that’s the most irritating part of all.


(D) Gimmicks

prime_smokescreen_gimmick1 prime_smokescreen_gimmick2

(E) Gallery of Goodies













(F) Conclusion
Overall an impressive mold (though there are some glitches and nuisance in transformation) for Smokescreen. It is definitely far more better than the Takara release of the recolored Knockout mold.

My PCR for him: 7/10
What I like – Complicated and interesting transformation sequence for a deluxe class (though don’t really like the shoulders keep popping out).
What I dislike?– Loose shoulder joints; some paint jobs not properly done; Not very much fancy about the rubbery gimmicks; yellow color composition which spoils the original Prime series color.

Until then, enjoy hunting and hauling!

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2 thoughts on “Smokescreen: Transformers Prime

  1. I still prefer it to be clear color though. The yellow just make it more like a weird beastie. lol.

  2. The yellow headlights seem to work here, but I agree with you: the headpiece should follow the Prime colours.

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