Transformers Dark of the Moon: Sentinel Prime [Updated]

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Sentinel Prime, a new Autobot that will appear in the Transformers: Dark of the Moon movie. With the name “Prime” at the back, you pretty much know that he WAS an Autobot leader which held the Matrix of Leadership ahead of Optimus Prime. Well, that’s what makes him the predecessor of Optimus Prime and make no mistake, he is the leader and mentor to Optimus, and NOT his father (some people did perceive him being the father of Optimus Prime). Well, for some reasons, he has been revived in the 3rd episode of Transformer movie and to help alongside with Autobot in the neverending war with Decepticons (perhaps?). You will definitely know the reasons behind when you watch the movie next week. Or if you don’t mind spoiler, go grab yourself a Dark of the Moon movie adaption comic selling in local bookstores and have the very 1st view on how the story goes. Anyhow, let’s move on with the Sentinel Prime in toy form! Read on!

This is my 1st leader class collection for the Transformer: Dark of the Moon toyline which appear in the wave 1 releases (along with the leader class Bumblebee). Well, being a new mold and a new character, it is really a must have for those Transformers toys collectors and it definitely worth every pennies spent on this piece of toy!

Alternate Mode: Rosenbauer Panther fire truck
The alternate mode for Sentinel Prime is actually a 6 wheeled-Rosenbauer Panther fire truck which is normally being used in airports overseas.

Being a fire truck, the overall color theme for him is of course, Red, as the primary color and with secondary colors such as black and grey color.

The vehicle has a very big windscreen which you can peak inside to see the driver seats inside (if there’s any which unfortunately, you can’t find it there). Details are quite movie accurate). You can also notice those siren lights (which is workable upon pressing a button) and a  water/cannon crane attached to the truck. The 2 side mirrors are made of soft rubber which is a safety measure for kids while playing the toy.

You can see the Rosenbauer logo, the Autobot insignia, the number 316 and a fire rescue wording at the side of the truck. I wonder what’s the 316 means? Anyhow, the water-cannon crane is pretty flexible as it can be rotated at the base and has 2 swivel points for the crane arm.

The 6 wheels are individual movable and they are made of hard plastic which creates quite a harsh movement when you move them on surface.

Nothing much on the rear and you can only see the painted rear lights for the vehicle. One point which i don’t really like is the leg being stuck out here. You can notice the lower part of the truck which shows the protruding leg which is not being concealed properly.

Another point which i don’t like here is the rear wheel which is not being properly affixed. You can notice that the left hand rear wheel is a bit slanted out to left. Some of my friend’s Sentinel Prime even worst with both wheels slanted to outside (which kind of resembles an inverted “V” shape). This is definitely a QC problem here.

Robot Mode: Sentinel Prime
The Sentinel Prime robot mode is done nicely with much details packed in which makes it more movie accurate. The size of Sentinel Prime in robot mode is the same as the Optimus Prime as well which gives him the correct proportion over the characters.

When in robot mode, the color red takes the dominance of the composition and it does standout.

This figure is well articulated and having some of the ratcheting joints (at shoulder, elbow and hips), it does make the pose more firmly intact. Body to weight ratio wise is above average which you can pose him with lesser effort but yet you still have to adjust a bit if you would like to pose him in a bit stylish.

The back of the robot which resembles a cape like thinggy for him. It is actually the top section of the vehicle mode (where the water/cannon crane is attached to).

See how the legs are being designed to support the heavy weight of the robot mode. They are actually in a triangle shape which help to contribute to the sturdy foothold for him.

A closed up view with Sentinel Prime’s head piece. Nice details being done to the head sculpture which does show the “ageing” of the old timer. Anyhow, the head has protruding ears and eyebrows which does make it unique (and funny as well IMHO). Oh ya, the protruding “sharp” eyebrow is made of  soft rubber. In addition, upon closer examination, you can notice that the Sentinel Prime also has mustache (those treads-like-thinggy sculpture surrounding the mouth). Quite a “humanoid” robot.

A point to note here, the swivel joint on the head is not as fully flexible as normal leader class or other Transformers. You can’t make a full 45 degree turn to either left or right, the most you can turn is only 15-20 degree only.

I particularly like how the chest plate is being designed for Sentinel Prime as it conceals completely the big windscreen and the front bumper.

Transform and Roll Out!
Transformation is of advanced level. You might need sometime for the 1st transformation but after you get a hang on it, subsequent transformations will come in easier. I personally like the transformation in his chest part which is quite involving as you need to flip down several parts in order to hide/reveal the chest area/windscreen section.

Show Me Whatcha Got
Being a leader class , you will expect to see quite a bunch of toy gimmicks which contributes to 60% of my review. Read on!

Pictures, pictures, pictures…
Well, let’s feast our eyes on pictures for both Sentinel Prime in alternate and robot mode.

Few pictures on Mechtech powered up alternate mode.

Sentinel Prime equipped with both of the Mechtech weapons. This does remind me of the Dota Character: Notrom, The Silencer.

Powered up Sentinel Prime with others’ Mechtech weapons.

This is another Mechtech weapon which is actually Human Alliance Backfire, in weapon mode, being used in this photo shooting.

The Sentinel Prime is definitely a must have as it has a movie accurate robot and alternate mode. What really amazed me is the transformation from the enormous robot form into the small and squarish alternate mode. The design and engineering behind it is priceless and not to mention the joy of transforming it and playing with his gimmick. However, there are 2 points which i really don’t like: i) the leg not being properly conceal in alternate mode and ii) the inverted “V” syndrome appears for the rear wheels which do spoil the alternate mode. My Personal Collection Rating is 8.5/10.

Well, until then, enjoy hunting and hauling!

13 thoughts on “Transformers Dark of the Moon: Sentinel Prime [Updated]

  1. I already had most of the ones I wanted before the movie. Since then I have only picked up is Cyberverse Hatchet, and I broke down and picked up Ultimate Optimus Prime. Just got him at work today. He is big… really big. Still can’t find a Human Alliance Roadbuster 🙁

    1. wow… you got Ultimate OP! That’s great! Yea.. i saw in some forum, the size of it is slightly bigger than MP01 OP. I will be getting it tomorrow. Really looking forward to that. About the Hatchet, quite interested in getting it too. It’ll make a perfect pair to my Ravage or Crankcase :p. Can’t see HA Roadbuster in Malaysia too. Still waiting for it to arrive which i guess it will be VERY soon. A few are on my wishing list: HA Roadbuster, HA Leadfoot, HA Soundwave… geezzz. more to come, lots to spend, less in bullet. Oh ya, try picking up HA Basic Tailpipe with Sergeant Noble too. It is a very cool HA Basic.

  2. I really liked it. I did feel that the climax was a bit long, but for me more Transformers is better. I did miss Megan, but I think it was overall WAY better than ROTF, and almost on par with the 1st one.

    1. couldn’t agree more with you. I like the fighting sequence and those visual effects. It does really blow. As for comparing with ROTF, i can say DOTM is 110% better than it! ROTF is the worst of all 3 movies. Lol. Rosie wasn’t really bad afterall, she does remind me of Lara Croft somehow. haha… But still Megan is more foxier and hotter imho.

      Anyhow, did you get yourself some DOTM toys after the movie?

  3. Hey random question. Did you see the movie yet? If you did, what did you think of Sentinel?

    1. Yup, i watched it last Sunday (3rd July). Well, overall impression of him, he talks too much when he got the chance of killing OP :p But anyhow, he is more powerful than meg & OP and definitely the strongest robot of all IMHO. What do you think?

  4. I just found this out on mine. If you have that Mechtech button pushed down it changes the sounds. For example if you have the fire truck in weaponized mode, You can push the shield release button, to trigger a missile sound. In robot mode if you have the button pushed down, he says “good to see you alive Optimus.” and “Where is the All Spark”. Kinda need.

    1. Thanks for the tips! I really didn’t realize it until you have mentioned it! Really neat indeed! Anyhow, have updated my blog to include this Secret Extra sound!

  5. @Gray: thanks bro. It just move ONE time only, is like just a very brief moment only. Click, open, close, click, open, close.

    @Chris: hahaha.. does it look like one? For me, it is still acceptable, only i dont like the long protruding eyebrows that’s all :p

  6. Heya bro, this review is pretty comprehensive and lots of angle shots. Me like! By the way, when you press the button for Sentinel to speak, does the mouth move a few times or just one time?

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