Transformers Hunt for the Decepticons: Hubcap

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It is very rare to see vintage automobile being associated with modern transformable robot and Hubcap from the Hunt for the Decepticons series is one of the few. Hubcap is truly an unique collection of mine as he is the one and only vintage alternate car mode robot in my collection. To be frank, I am not a vintage car lover, but the idea of blending those 60s cars with 21st century robot is definitely a cool idea which you really often see in Transformers toys as well. Interested in reading more? Read on.

For those who are new or not familiar with Transformers cartoons), Hubcap might not be a familiar character as compared to those profound name of Optimus Prime and Bumblebee. Definitely, when people mention hubcap, the first thing that comes into their mind is the wheel cap or the tire cap. Anyhow, I wont be touching much on his background here and if you are interested in digging out more info on him, you can refer here.

This Hubcap comes in Scout class (the size of it is between a deluxe and a legend class). Despite small, details for him have not been neglected and of course you will have more articulated joints as compared to the rigid legend class.

Alternate mode
The alternate mode for Hubcap is closely a resemblance to  Willys 77 or 1932 Ford Model B. It does look sporty for a vintage car due to the sport rims and aerodynamic body shape (as opposed to those squarish vintage models). And not to forget that this hot thinggy is painted in a fiery Ferrari red color which does contribute to the overall description of stylish, classic and yet sporty!

You will be able to see the Autobot insignia on top of the front grill. I particular like the metallic silver coloring for all the non-red parts in alternate mode. Yes, all of them are in silver metallic color – grills, headlamps, rear bumper, rims and the exhaust pipes which do add to the plus point of this toy.

You can see the exhaust pipe spanning out from the side of the vehicle which is the part i like the most. Quite unique to have it at the side though.

Nothing much on the rear of the vehicle. Only the 2 rear lights and the bumper which are painted in metallic silver as well.

A closed up on the car exhaust painted in metallic silver.

Robot Mode: Hubcap
Here you go with Hubcap in robot mode. Being a scout class, he has numerous articulated joints similar to a deluxe class. The proportion and weight distribution of the overall body is quite standard and you get to pose him with ease.

You will also get to see more colors for his robot mode instead of all just red, especially the non-painted grey and dark brown plastic.

A closed up on how Hubcap looks like. Strangely, his face does remind me of a bird, like a peacock or duck. The idea of having orange painted and pointy mouth piece does give me the impression of such.

Transform and Roll Out
The transformation is relatively simple (not as involving as the same scout class Ransack which i have reviewed earlier). You can pretty much transform it without the need of instruction manual.

Overall, nicely done colorings and great alternate mode. For robot mode, I don’t much fancy the headpiece design but the overall body feature still a plus point. However, there aren’t any gimmicks (or fancy weapon like Ransack) for him. In all, a great and unique Transformer collection with a PCR (Personal Collection Ratings) of 8/10.

Oh ya, if you are interested in getting Hubcap, do head to your nearest local toy shop in Malaysia (like Toysrus) as they are having a price slash for all Scout classes now, which is RM24.90 (as dated 2/5/2011). A value buy definitely!

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