Bilibala Certified DOTM Wishlist! [updated]

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Finally, official prices and list of Transformer3 : Dark of the Moon toys have been released at e-toyz website for Malaysia. Judging from the listing (which has not specified which is of Wave 1 release or Wave 2), there are quite a number of tasty toys coming our way. Interested? Get a glimpse on the upcoming toys and price here.

As a collector of Transformers toys, i have already made a wishlist (more like a shopping cart) for the upcoming toys. Well, for those who want to buy me toys as birthday presents (which is on the 15/5), you have more choices now :p But do let me know in advance what to get for me as i scare there are redundant collection ya :p

Here’s my wishlist and soon to be my collection 🙂

[UPDATED] BIG THANK YOU to my friends and colleagues! They are very generous in contributing to my Dark of the Moon collection as my birthday present!!  :p


Well, it wont be too long for the wait as 1Toy has organized a midnight Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon launching event this coming Friday (13/5)  starting at 10pm and sales at 12am. The venue will be at Taman Jaya LRT station at A&W in Malaysia. Just remember to mark this event on your calendar and of course, GET READY YOUR BULLETS (ehm, i mean MONEY)!

[Update – 10/5, 3pm] Midnight sales has been canceled due to the stock can only be arrived on Saturday morning. Bummer…And not sure is it a postpone or a total cancel. Still KIV 🙂

[Update – 11/5, 7:30pm] Sales has been changed to Saturday morning at 8am. Some shops are having the same morning sales as well! Great!

Happy hunting and waiting!

10 thoughts on “Bilibala Certified DOTM Wishlist! [updated]

  1. nice layout of your wishlist.
    and my contribution is this comment.
    i only have dotm SS as i quite fond of his sneaky dastardly coward demeanour.

    1. thanks bro… hahaha.. and thanks for your contribution too :p ouh… you are not yet into the DOTM poison yet?

  2. I will be contributing to something *off* your list, which will taste nice, heh…

  3. Yeah man, wat a bummer 🙁
    But you’re going for the 8am one near your place, yes? 🙂

    1. nope.. i m going to my favorite toy shop at amcorp mall 8am as well :p will wake up early on saturday n go grab them! muahahahhaah.. btw, you interested in contributing anything in my list :p

  4. bummer…. midnight sales canceled due to hasbro stock can only reach on Saturday morning 🙁 wont be around on sat morning… another bummer…..

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