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Simplicity rules! That’s what i like about Transformer Animated toys. And they normally do have those “Collector” toy look with the cute and streamlined robotic figure. What i am going to share today is one of them. Is called the BULK HEAD which is an actually an oversized turtle alike robot. Apart from being the fact that he is green in color, he also has a bulky body shape that does fit in nicely with the name of Bulk Head. Read on!!! argg!!!

I don’t really know about the background of the Bulk Head as i seldom watch Transformer Animated. But judging from the appearance and outlook of him, i bet he is a clumsy, ruthless and brainless robot which the word “Muscle” applies instead of “Intelligent”. Well, my guess is right if you read thru the wiki or TF Wiki that i have found on him. But surprisingly, after reading thru the Wiki, he is a builder of some sort although he doesn’t have the brain. How ironic.

Well, as normal, there are 2 version of the Bulkhead, Hasbro and Takara Tomy. Hasbro comes with a darker matte green while the Takara Tomy always comes with the metallic green. But believe me, this metallic green is way too NEON. For the first time, i would think the Hasbro has the better color version for this guy. Anyhow, color can be subjective, is more to a personal preference. Just to let you have a look on how a Takara Tomy repainted version will be like:

In the meantime, it does come with 2 version in Hasbro: A leaderclass and a voyager class, what i have here is the voyager class which is relatively smaller in size as compared to the leader class.

Green SWAT truck
The alternate mode of the Bulk Head is a Green SWAT truck which appears in the animated cartoon. The truck is quite cute in the form and I dont know the reason why, it somehow remains me of ninja turtle. Maybe the green color looks like my Ninja Turtle toy. Anyhow, the truck is quite sturdy and solid and the quality of the plastic is tough.

The siren lights are actually painted and not anything like transparent plastic.

You can see gold plated chrome painting on the rim part and the tire is of hard rubber type.

The robot mode is quite cool despite the clumsy look. He can really make a good toy decoration on top of your desk. Anyhow, the robot has limited articulation and you can only do some simple posing for it. One more thing, despite the heavy looking upper part of the body, it does stand firmly on the table without ease. Surprisingly.

Transformation Process
The transformation is fairly simple and straightforward. However, there is AUTOMORPH gimmick built into the transformation. Automorph is meant by automated transformation process whereby moving one part of the robot, the other part will be moved automatically. Like in this case, after flipping down the back doors (step2) , pulling out the hands allowing them to spring forward into position. When moving the chest (step 3) into place, it will cause a panel to flip and in turn revealing the robot head.  Quite cool and nifty.

Gimmicks, gimmicks, gimmicks…
Both of the arm of the robot is a hammer like wrecking ball which you can open the 3 little “fingers” of his to reveal it. For the left arm, you can actually fire the wrecking ball (attached to the body by a sturdy string) by pushing a level. On the right hand, there’s a strange black level that actually make the arm bend automatic upwards (if the arm is in straight position) to act something like a upper cut attack or some kind. Strangely enough, this feature is NOT in the manual and you somehow have to play around the toy and only can you find it, which, isn’t hard to realize and find.

The conclusion
Despite the bulky body shape this robot head, it does make a really cool table decoration which is really eye pleasing. I have done some of the cool shot of him which i like.

This is an overall 8/10 toy which will appear on my working desk all the time 🙂 Is nice to have him around staring me working.

4 thoughts on “Transformers Animated: Bulk Head

  1. You should get the leader class as well. You get a headmaster unit too. A must have for me when I first saw it.

    1. yup…i know… the leader class seem like a great buy. but it is quite rare to see it now also. Anyhow, i normally keep my collection of unique character and unique mold. Since i have the voyager class, i might not be getting the leader class lor.

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