Arms Micron Weapon (AMW) 03: Dai

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Dai, not a particular meaningful name, is the 3rd Arms Micron Weapon which is also the last component for the combination of the Dark Matter Calibur. You might not know why the name is being called Dai but soon after you realize the robot mode of it, then you could roughly make a relation of it being the short form of “Crocodile” with the “Dile” in english. Being translated in Japanese, you will have the “Dai”. At least for now why it is being named after this, they all have relation to their robot form.

(A) What’s with the Package?
Nothing special to shout about, similar to both AMW01 and AMW02 packaging with the necessary parts.

Well, quite obvious of what you are expecting. The crocodile transforming into a quad-barreled rocket launcher.

Suggested weapon wielder: the Vehicon. We will definitely have a few eye candies with him holding the croc gun. Keep on reading.

The un-assembled parts, stickers and the instruction manual.

Standard foil sticker which every AM should have. If you can’t find the stickers, be sure to get the package back and ask for replace/refund 🙂

To avoid anymore accident of mis-assembling, it is a good practice to lay out all the parts before assembling. At least you will get to know which parts go with which.

Seem quite simple for assemble with quite straightforward and suggestive parts.

(B) Weapon Mode: Quad-barreled Rocket Launcher
Forget about weird shield/spear or even the no-use cleaver, Dai transforms itself into a non-melee weapon: a Quad barreled rocket launcher. A much more better cool looking weapon i must say.

There are 2 sets of smaller missiles located on top of the weapon (which originally are the legs of the croc)

The rocker launcher comes with 2 handles but only one of which can be used to plug in tightly to other Transformers toys. You can try insert the 2nd handle (the one at the back), but most of them wont fit for it.

The gold stickers coincide with the Crystal Energon color which adds up a great color treatment for the figure. Nice.

(C) Robot Mode: Dai
The outcome from the plastic assembled and stickers applied, you will have your cute little crocodile Arm Micron. To be frank, this is by far the best “organic” Arms Micron i have seen. At least, you can know what this little guy is at first glance before scratching your head and try googling around.

The front view of Dai revealed the rocker launcher located on both sides of the shoulder. The small little red-eye is actually a sticker.

At last you have some “gold” plated foil stickers here instead of those chrome/silver colored one. Some variations will kick out the dull uniformity of the color composition.

Like most of the AMs, Dai has limited articulation as well. At least you can wiggle his tail up and down (with the extra joints located there).

The Energon Cystal
As mentioned earlier in the post AMW02 about Energon Crystal, Dai comes with a round yellow-orange crystal which symbolize the attribute of SP (Speed Points) Electro. Well, it is just purely aesthetic symbol and there is really no actual functionality to the figure. So don’t worry if you are cracking your head in memorizing all these weird symbols with their color. At least I wont really bother interpreting them before playing with it.

(D) Transformations
Transformation isn’t really mind blogging and pretty much straightforward i must say. However, this AM does come with 2 part of transformation which is: i) from robot to alt mode;  ii) from alt mode to the combined mode (for Dark Matter Calibur).

(i) Transformation to Weapon Mode

(ii) Transformation to Combined Mode (for Dark Matter Calibur)

(E) Gimmicks

(F) Gallery of Goodies
Feast your eyes with Dai and his partner, Vehicon!

(G) Conclusion
Out of 3 AMs which are being used for the Dark Matter Calibur combination, I like AMW03 Dai the most. It is not hard to understand that as it does have a more proper robot & alt mode. In addition, it does make a nice weapon counterpart to any other Transformer you have. Most particularly, he is a rocker launcher which looks more menacing and cooler than any other. :p

My PCR for him: 9/10
What I like – Great robot/alt mode; solid built.
What I dislike?– Somehow the joint at the 2nd handle is a bit loose.

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