Arms Micron Weapon (AMW) 02: Baru

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Baru, which is the second Arms Micron Weapon (AMW) and also the second piece to the Dark Matter Calibur. The Japanese name “Baru” is actually derived from the word “Falcon (Japanese: farukon)” where the “Fa” is being replaced with “Ba” as there is no “f” sounds for Japanese language. Well, as the name already suggested, you will for sure what’s the original form of him.

Since we have already covered in our previous post about the AMW 01: Gabu, you will definitely expect the same as in the coming Arm Microns. They come with un-assembled parts and stickers where you need to roll up your sleeve and enjoy the process of assembling it. But a friendly reminder here, assemble with care as the joints are tightly connected. Once assembled you will be having a really hard time to dissembled them without breaking them.

(A) What’s with the Package?
Same standard packaging which comes right on your face of the toy gimmicks with its robot and weapon form. Nothing much to brag about here.

All in Japs, can’t really make out the description.

A closer view on the gimmick which the toy going to offer. And yes, the main gimmick of all, the ability to combine as Dark Matter Calibur.

“Ingredient” to the Dark Matter Calibur. Be sure to have all 3 of them to make the combination.

The package comes with parts and sticker. Get ready your model cutter.

As much as i like the assembling part of this toy, when it comes to applying the foil sticker to it, I am very much hesitated and annoyed. I am not really good in applying stickers and moreover, these foil stickers don’t really stick well to their plastic counterpart. Unless, you apply another layer of superglue as a base coat then you will stick the sticker in place, real tight.

To avoid the same incident I have with my AMW01, I have done a round of pre-arranging of the parts before snapping them into places. Wouldn’t like to spoil the part by dissembling them if assembled wrongly. Well, is also good to show to you all how “complicated” the parts are. In addition, like all AMWs, you will have the yellow transparent plastic which they called it the “Energon Crystal”.

(B) Weapon Mode: Cleaver
With simple and brainless twist, you will transform Baru into a cleaver. At least the weapon form is more obvious as compared to the previous AMW01.

Another point to note here is that, this AM does not come with 5mm ports and it only comes with 4 pegs. Much like a middle connector/socket for the AM01 and AM03 when joined together as the Dark matter combination.

It looks good actually with the more “proper” appearance of a cleaver weapon. But anyhow, i found the handle a bit slant out of ordinary. Hmm..

The 2 legs can be twisted and pushed into the available compartment. Much like the storage for it’s landing gears.

The Energon Crystal
If you are being observant, the shape is actually different from from AMW01. Instead of a trapezoid polygon, you will now have  a hexagon shape. Different shapes and colors actually represent different attributes. The Trapezoid polygon as in AMW 01 is actually representing HP (hit point) attribute while this hexagon representing AP (Attack Points).

Different colors play different roles as well, as so far we are having yellow orange color for both AMW01 and AMW 02, it does represent the attribute “Electro” which i have no idea what’s the function of it.

You will definitely get to see more of these energon crystals in upcoming AMs as that’s one of the selling gimmick of all AMs.  To read more about Energon Crystal, you can click  here (under “Energon crystals” section).

Don’t expect any 3rd mode or combined mode for Baru, as this IS the combined mode. You don’t have to transform him again to form the Dark Matter Calibur.

(C) Robot Mode: Baru
Well, as the name suggested, although you have definitely no idea of what it meant for the first time reading the name Baru, it comes in form of Falcon. Or at least, it looks much better (and suggestive) as compared to his counterpart AMW01 which doesn’t even suggest it being a horseshoe crab.

Details treatment come from foil sticker applied. It does help in enhancing the overall figure.

Did you see 2 legs? Yes, that’s the 2 legs of the weird birdy. Somehow, it does have a bit resemblance of Laserbeak.

In all, the figure comes in very limited articulations. No hanky panky here if u wanna do fancy pose with it. The most you can do is just swivel the wings and move the head up and down.

If you are trying to look for the falcon’s tail, you will notice it from top view. It comes in short and unnoticeable which is behind the energon crystal.

I have to admit it, AMs does have weird robot mode when it comes to these kind of organic robotic form.

(D) Transformations
Transformation is plain simple. Within few second you can get it done. And without the 3rd mode of transformation, it does pose not much a fun transforming it.

(E) Gallery of Goodies
Well, just put Baru together with Knockout for these few shots.

(F) Conclusion
There is no particular love or hate to this figure as it remains a crucial part to form the bigger and meaner Dark Matter Calibur which you musn’t miss out. However, it does make a more pleasant melee weapon companion for those Transformers toys you have.

My PCR for him: 7/10
What I like – Good quality plastic; better weapon mode.
What I dislike? – No surprise transformation mode; not so nice robot mode.

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4 thoughts on “Arms Micron Weapon (AMW) 02: Baru

  1. Well, sometimes Japs use ‘Ha’ to pronounce ‘Fa’, haha, another of my 2 cents.

    Hmmm, this is really interesting, if this is really meant for Prime series, I really never seen it before.

    Thanks for sharing this out bro!

    1. It is not only for the Prime series, as long as your transformers have 5mm port, you can plug them in. Pretty much all transformers toys can use the weapon. Just that it is being released with the Takara Primes toys. These AMW are being released as separated set instead. 🙂 The fun thing about all these are the ability to combine together to become a much more menacing weapon. Much like mechtech but these Arm Microns are more cooler with the ability to transform (just like minicons) :p

    1. lol. The robot mode isn’t too suggestive of their original form. This one is better at least can see that it is a bird :p

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