Transformers Dark of the Moon: Ultimate Optimus Prime [Extensive Images]

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With Ultimate Optimus Prime comes with this ultimate-ly long and detail packed review exclusively in Well, before start reading this piece of very long review, do grab a bite or a cup of coffee. Now, take a deep breath and let’s start on a journey in exploring what Hasbro going to offer its Transformers fans. This will be the most extensive and biggest offering by Hasbro in conjunction with the Transformers: Dark of the Moon movie. Read on!

Oh ya, be warned for low bandwidth user, as there are dozens of great pictures coming your way. It may take some times to load them up. Be patient and i ensure you that it’s worth the wait 🙂

I guess we need no explanation on the character of Optimus Prime. I guess most of you are even more familiar than me. So i just start off here with a brief introduction of this new class for the Transformers movie toys. As far as i know, you wont be seeing the “Ultimate” class previously in all Transformers Toys. Correct me if i am wrong. This seemed to be a new class bleed for the Transformers toys having such gigantic size, besides the old time classic Fortress Maxima that is. Well, it definitely a class of its own bearing the characteristic of a gigantic and combined robot form. (I forgot that previously there IS really an ultimate class which is the Ultimate Bumblebee with big gigantic size) 

However, there are some other variations of combined Optimus prime previously like the Jetwing-Optimus Prime or even the latest release from Takara Tomy which is the Jetwing Optimus Prime. And of course, that is a another whole new story. Let’s just focus on Hasbro’s Ultimate Optimus Prime.

(A) The Packaging
1st impression on the Ultimate Optimus Prime, just one word came out in my mind: MASSIVE! You really wont call it ultimate for nothing and even the box itself is gigantic. This is possibly my biggest toy package of all time.

Well, speaking about the packaging, it comes with a cool fiery decals on the side of the box which is the same decals you will see in Optimus Prime. Kinda cool and does give the “exclusiveness” of the toy itself.

Well, actually how BIG is the size for the box? A comparison shows it all. Here’s a picture with comparison to 3 types of boxes: (from left to right)  The Ultimate Optimus Prime box, MP-09 Masterpiece Rodimus and the smallest, a Voyager class box.

(B) Alternate mode – Peterbilt 379 semi-truck
The alternate mode of Ultimate Optimus Prime remains the same as the same old Peterbilt 379 semi-truck. You still will see the same fiery decals as you can in previous ROTF Optimus Prime. Colors are neatly done and there are a bit more of silver metallic painting introduced to certain parts of the vehicle for the newcomer.

The truck is logically not as heavy as a normal leader class due to the size. I will show the comparison between the different classes of Optimus Prime in their alternate mode later.

There is 1 Autobot insignia here on top of the grill. Yes. If you don’t notice it carefully, it is like a camouflaged insignia without any distinctive color being painted. Speaking about the pride of being an Autobot leader,  with such low down insignia, it does spoil the reputation of such. Heck, even my Top Spin has prominent and more outstanding insignia as compared to this.

The headlights are also made of hard, solid plastic and not those semi translucent plastic as in ROTF Optimus Prime. There ain’t a bit of silver metallic color for the front grill.

The exhaust of the truck remain those soft rubbers which serve the purpose of child safety. The gas tank is being painted nicely in silver metallic color here. However, for those tyres,  they are being replaced with hard solid plastic instead of those soft ones. Details are quite standards here and quite similar to what the previous leader class Optimus Prime has to offer.

There’s the small insert port to connect the trailer. Some fiery decals also imprinted at the rear cover. Much like the previous Optimus Prime also.

Size Comparison – Alternate Mode
As mentioned previously, the size for the new Optimus Prime is obviously very much smaller as compared to the previous Leader class. Here are some comparisons of the alternate mode along with other 3 classes.

This is clearly a comparison which reveals that the new Ultimate Optimus Prime only has half the size of the leader class Buster Prime. The size is just a bit bigger as compared to the Voyager class Optimus Prime. And you might be asking how’s the comparison to Deluxe class Optimus Prime. Well, sorry about that as i have no deluxe Optimus Prime to do comparison with, but roughly the size is smaller than Voyager, definitely.

(C) Robot mode – Optimus Prime
Here you go with Optimus Prime in robot mode. Apparently the proportion of the body is a bit weird with bigger upper body and bulky arms and yet with skinny legs to sustain the overall heavy upper body. Articulation of the robot is quite standard without a waist articulation.

I personally dont like how the hands are being designed. They are just overwhelmingly big as if Optimus Prime is wearing a very big hand bracelets.

The overall body to weight distribution is nice (though the heavy and big sized upper body) in which you can pose and stand him sturdily and confidently. You wont see a heavy back pack design here (at least, a much more smaller back pack) which wont pull the upper body down.

Compared to previous leader class Optimus Prime, you wont see the light piping here as well. It is being replaced with blue paint to bring out the soul of Optimus Prime. As for the chest/waist design, it is quite similar to the Voyager which having six pack of abdomen robotic muscle.

And again, there’s a HIDDEN Autobot insignia located right at the center of the whole upper body (in between the 2 “tits” that is). Kinda funny that this Optimus Prime having the tits design which does also somehow give me the impression of a human face right in the middle of the Optimus Prime. Well, get back to the insignia. Yes, there are, again, no distinctive coloring to bring out the pride of an Autobot warrior, let along, an Autobot Leader.

Size Comparison – Robot Mode
Here’s a comparison of the Ultimate Optimus Prime with other classes. It’s definitely smaller compared to leader class Buster Prime, for now.

(D) Transformation From Vehicle to Robot Mode
Frankly speaking, transformation is much more straightforward and simpler compared to previous leader class Optimus Prime. There are no fancy and complicated twist and turn.  Somehow, i felt that my other voyager class has more complicated transformation compared to him.

(E) The Trailer
Here is something which separates from the rest of the Optimus Prime class: the bundled trailer which is also his butterfly winged & armored suit in disguise. It is very huge in size and much more heavier as compared to the main Optimus Prime truck. And this is what makes an ultimate Optimus Prime being the ultimate collection of all.

Finally, we have some much more nicer and distinctive Autobot insignia to represent the leader in command. The insignia is being painted in shiny silver metallic.

There are 2 more Autobot insignias located at both sides of the trailer and they are being painted in striking red. The tyres are of the same materials as the main truck. Nothing much on the details beside you get to feel those grill horizontal lines on both sides of the trailer.

The rear of the trailer has details of grilled door which of course, you can’t open and fill in stuff as what a trailer intended to as the whole compartment inside is being occupied by parts of the armored suit itself.

Oh yes, as you can notice, the trailer is FULL of holes. They are no ordinary holes. They are the Mechtech ports which i think i am making a statement that you might already know. Anyhow, i will touch more on the weapon ports in the gimmick section below.

(F) Transformation From Trailer to Battle Armored Suit
Transformation from trailer to the battler armored suit is much more simpler as compared to the truck mode transformation.

(G) Battle Armored Suit
This is what make Optimus Prime THE Ultimate Optimus Prime. It is actually an armored suit where you can slot in the Optimus Prime into it and it becomes the legendary gigantic size Optimus Prime. The details of the armored suit are quite nicely done also with the same color composition matching the main Optimus Prime body.

The whole thing is very heavy and stood as high as 35cm+ tall. I particularly like the cool blue color gradient sprayed on the wings of the suit. However, i personally don’t like the 2 “antenna” design which makes it even more butterfly look alike together with the wide spreading of the main wings.

The design for the leg is quite blocky but it does perform its job well by sustaining the heavy body.

A size comparison between the main Optimus Prime and his battle armored suit.

(H) Combined Mode
With the Optimus Prime fits in nicely to the battle armored suit, you will have the Ultimate Optimus Prime. Though it looks gigantic and nice, it does have very limited articulations which you can only do very limited posture to it. Basically, the articulation is only on the elbow part, the head and the hips joints (which also limited to sideways movement only). So, it’s a static big fortress in other word.

Well, they won’t call him the butterfly Optimus Prime for no reason. With the main wings span widely opened and the 2 small antennas, it does really give everyone the impression it is actually a butterfly in disguise. If this is the butterfly, then the trailer + truck mode is actually, eh, a caterpillar?

Size Comparison
Wonder how the Ultimate Optimus Prime stands up against others? Well, here’s a comparison. Actually, the Ultimate Optimus Prime is only a “bit” taller than the existing leader class which you can see it below.

And of course, with the extra body armor, the Ultimate Optimus look much more fatter as compared to the Buster Prime.

And with the comparison with the Jetfire powered Optimus Prime, they are actually same size.

Yes, definitely same size and same height as well which make them BOTH the largest Transformers toy i have so far.

(I) MechTech Weapon – Blaster Cannon
With ultimate size comes ultimate Mechtech weapon. The cannon that comes with Ultimate Optimus Prime is so far the biggest Mechtech weapon of all and this is the part where the lights and sounds gimmick come in (will touch more on this in gimmick section).

It does comes with a few LEDs for the lighting effect and the overall weight of the weapon is as heavy as the truck (with the weight inclusive of 2 AA batteries inside).

There’s one BIG LED located at the front of the weapon which will be triggered by certain points.

There is actually an additional helmet which comes with the weapon. This is mainly used in the armed mode for the Ultimate Optimus Prime. Will touch more on this later.

Another nice Autobot insignia done here. I think is the same material as the same insignia at the trailer. The speaker is actually located in the middle section (where there are opening grills).

Size Comparison
As mentioned before, the Ultimate MechTech weapon is extremely huge! The size of it is the same as the Ultimate Optimus Prime in truck mode and it is MUCH MORE bigger than a normal deluxe class.

Size does matter.

(K) Gallery of Goodies
Let’s feast your eyes with MORE and MORE pictures, poses, angles of the Ultimate Optimus Prime!

(K1) Truck & Trailer!

(K2) Optimus Prime in Robot Mode

(K3) Ultimate Combined Mode

(L) Conclusion
Lastly but not least, the Ultimate Optimus Prime does have the size and gimmicks to play with. However, I personally feel the lack of transformation complexity does somehow seem overrated in the box as Level 3 and along with some design QC problems. Oh ya, a point to stress out here: the actual figure look much more nicer as compared to pictures. If you really want to have the ultimate experience with this piece of collection, i would suggest you visit your local toy shop and see whether they have displayed any opened set. The feeling of holding and seeing the actual thing is different from seeing picture. At least, this is what i experienced before and after getting myself an Ultimate Optimus Prime.

Overall, i would give a Personal Collection Rating of 9/10. I DO like huge transformers toys! And if you have the same thoughts as me, there will be no regrets getting him. It does keep your desk occupied somehow and definitely catches your attention everytime!

Until then, happy hunting and hauling! AND, do “like” this post entry and spread out this ultimate poison around fellow toys collector!

19 thoughts on “Transformers Dark of the Moon: Ultimate Optimus Prime [Extensive Images]

  1. Ultimate OP looks very cool lining up with Ironhide (voyager) and the rest of the deluxe series. But unfortunately, leader class Sentinel Prime will look too big and also Voyager Sentinel vise versa. I hope they’ll be Ultimate Sentinel to match the rest of DOTM family!

    1. Hm… personally, i feel the leaderclass sentinel + Optimus prime would be the best proportion with voyager ironhide + other deluxes 🙂

      I doubted they will come out with the ultimate sentinel as seeing the DOTM line has already come to an end with no new release. Guess Hasbro will swift focus on producing more Prime toys instead.

    1. Wow.. that is cool! And what is cooler is the author for this post is actually a well known Asian Magician! Gosh!! Anyhow, the custom really looks cool and definitely much more movie accurate. I might not be picking up the Jetwing Prime as i have other focus to shift to. Maybe when you did a custom with both of the OPs, you can share out with us :p

  2. TFC Hercules (a.k.a. Devvy) makes me drool more 😉

    Speaking of which, when is MakeToys launching their version?

    1. Hahaha… you really want to go for the TFC hercules? I think you better be buying it from Robotkingdom or bbts coz i m not sure whether our locals are getting them in or not. As for the maketoys one, i am still waiting for the release date too! Hopefully it wont be too soon as i have tooooooo many wishlist coming 🙁

  3. Thanks for the review, bro. As always, I can expect a thorough walkthrough on the Ultimate OP’s transformation and gimmicks.

    And good observation about the caterpillar-to-butterfly concept. I hadn’t thought about it that way, but since you mentioned it, yeah, it does seem to fit the overall designs… xD

    1. Thanks! Does it poison you?

      Yup, the truck + trailer does look like a caterpillar to me lol.

  4. Yeah I have been looking at that one. Since I would have to import it, I would actually pay about the same that I would for Buster Prime when he came out. Now a day’s Jetwing Prime is cheaper then Buster.

    As for modding, it’s one of those things; once you start it’s hard to stop! I know that you like to keep things stock, but I ordered a set of these They make such a big improvement on the mold.

    1. Hmm… and i though toys are cheaper in the States? Speaking of Jetwing Prime, they are selling RM450 (USD150) here. That’s really a piece of very priced collection without those nice colors like Buster. If it is using the same paints, it would have worth the buck.

      Lol… Actually got another reason for me for not modding my toys, i m not those kind of person who can dissemble and assemble back smaller parts (especially those parts with spring). So i tend to break them instead of modding them. I tried modding my 1st TF movie ironhide before (one of the gear loose up) and ended up catastrophically which gave a phobia to me for modding stuff, especially those with screwing and unscrewing stuff. Anyhow, thanks for helpful tip! I hope you can haul a buster soon :p Try ebay, i think they still have a few 🙂 I saw in my local ebay has few sets, some selling expensive, some selling normal price (around USD110+) .

  5. Another great review! One thing I have discovered is that you can drill the hole in the connection post on the trailer to widen the hole. That way the post on leader prime fits into it. It still looks a bit off, but it does sit much better, and it still works with Ultimate Prime as well.
    On another note, I am so jealous about that Buster Prime. I passed him up, and am now regretting it.

    1. Thanks bro! Actually yes, can actually drill hole manually to accommodate the new trailer. Too bad, i dont have a drill here and i simply just dont like the idea of modify the original toys. Lol. i just like to keep them as original as possible.

      The Buster Prime is the best Optimus Prime i seen so far in every aspect especially the chrome and the coloring! It is very hard to get that decent painting especially with the price tag nowadays. Btw, i heard that there’s a retooled Optimus Prime (RA-28) coming from Takara Tomy with a good repainting of the same mold (no chrome parts though). And the shocking part IS, the price is the same as ultimate OP! OMG…. I wonder WHY it worth so much!

  6. A very thorough review of Ultimate Prime. The design of the mechtech ports definitely well planed. The transformation is more likely aimed at younger buyers i guess and from what i can see it doesnt have sharp edges like other leader class. The butterfly effect looks like it took the que from Freedom Gundam, what the heck, ITS COOL!

    1. Thanks bro for dropping by. I somehow felt that the mechtech ports are too overwhelmed and it make the whole Ultimate OP like a beehive of mechtech weapon. I wonder who will plug in all mechtech weapon into him and definitely it will look awkward :p I couldn’t agree with you more on the design look like a gundam wing, but it does have its class on his own which brings out the one and only butterfly robot in the entire transformer toys history :p haha.

    1. Thanks for dropping by bro! Yea… actually a bigger sized than leader class. Without the armour suit, the Optimus Prime is not yet the leader class size. In other word, he is not as ultimate before he wears the suit :p

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