Transformers Dark of the Moon: Topspin

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What do you call a robot with reggae hairstyle, crabby hands and with the grog- spitting pirate accent (as in the movie)? Well, we called him spinning the top or the top in spinning: Topspin in short. If you remembered clearly, he is one of the ruthless, rude pirates slang Autobots known as The Wreckers in the movie. The group of “engineers” consists of the green Roadbuster (which i have done a preview previously), the red fat robot with the shaking tummy around, Leapfoot and the blue reggae hair styled dude, Top Spin. Well, it does make it easier for you to remember as to their uniqueness in the movie and moreover, the different colors that the Wreckers. And don’t be surprised that he will start singing reggae song on the new Transformer movie (if there is any) :p Read on!

(A) Alternate Mode – NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Chevrolet Impala #48 Lowe’s/Kobalt 
Well, the Wreckers have a common alternate mode which are Nascars and Topspin also bears the same resemblance with Roadbuster. However, as opposed to what Roadbuster has in a normal Nascar alternate mode, Topspin appears in “Stealth Force” mode (or in layman’s term, the weaponised alternate form) which has extra kicks and punches for firepower (definitely!) as compared to the previous. Though being an extra firepower-ed mode, it’s original form remains as a Chevrolet Impala  Nascar drove by Jimmie Johnson in the race of 2008 Daytona 500. Actually none of this rings any of my bell, i just did those googling up of this piece of information about what’s the original Nascar is for. Anyhow, it is quite interesting to know more about it’s origin. With that, you will relate better with the decals affixed to the car, such as the Lowe’s and 48 wordings.

Overall, the Topspin does come in a solid plastic quality and with heavier weight compared to the cheaply-light weighted  Roadbuster. The overall plastic is of shining smooth surface and the colorings are much more acceptable compared to it counterpart. Moreover, i really like the alternate mode in stealth mode as this is the first deluxe class featuring such. What’s more, you got extra detachable cannons which you can use with other Transformers Dark of the Moon toys as well.

Basic decals for the Topspin which is noticeable on both sides of the vehicle: the Nascar Sprint logo, the BIG number 48 and Lowe’s at the rear. The amount of details are very well done and what you expect to see, it offers. Very satisfying indeed.

The only Autobot insignia you see is here, at the rear spoiler of the alternate mode. AND you wont be able to find the 2nd insignia in robot mode again.

I really like the sky blue colored transparent screen. It does add to the “exclusiveness” of the robot and this really make your value for buying a deluxe class like him much more worthwhile. So far, personally i think he is the BEST and most valued alternate mode of all deluxe class. 🙂

(B) Robot Mode
Let’s bring this pirate out. Oppss.. i mean let’s have a look at Topspin’s robot form. The robot mode is quite movie accurate and you can notice more details and colors being used here. However, you might find it weird that his hands are actually giant claws (something like a lock wrench). Don’t get it wrong, the claws are not substitution of his hands, you can still see the shape of the hands and the giant claw is just too dominant to overshadow the hand and giving the impression that they are actually the main hands.

For color wise, there are some yellow luminescent, which is like a glow in the dark kind of color, on the shoulder and chest part of the robot. And of course, it looks like one, but it doesn’t grow in the dark ya.

I particularly like the leg design as it does have quite a resemblance of  the Optimus Prime’s. Nicely done i must say. As for the articulations for the robot, it has quite a number of joints for you to pose with. For the body to weight distribution, it is very well done too. You won’t have a hard time posing or making him stand. This is because he doesn’t have a heavy “backpack” design like others and with the extra ball joints on the base of the legs, it makes him stand as sturdily and confidently as possible.

Top Spin comes with 2 flexible shoulder cannons which you can extend/turn/twist around to form an attacking position. Pretty neat and pretty much like his counterpart, the Roadbuster.

Here’s a closed up look on the head piece of Topspin. You can notice the reggae hairstyle structure and a sunshade wearing robot head. The chest part of the Topspin has 3 holes which resembles Mechtech ports BUT it can’t really fit in one anyhow. Just pure design and decoration.

A point to note here is, the light piping works especially well here with the same sky transparent blue color as the windscreen. Kinda neat.

(C) Transform and Roll Out
Transformation is of intermediate and might get complicated during 1st transformation as you need to twist and turn some MAJOR parts of the body. After you know the right direction, the subsequent transformation will be very much a breeze.

However, there’s a part which quite annoyed me during transformation is the step 2 to step 3 where you need to turn the whole leg to the front. This process will make the ball hip joint easily comes out of its socket and end up you need to keep on plugging the leg back in the socket for it.

(D) Show Me Watcha Got

(E) Pose For Me, Will Ya?
Here are some poses and angled shots done on both alternate and robot mode. Enjoy on the details and features of what this baby can offer.

The stealth mode looks even more cooler and wicked with the Mechtech weapon attached to its hood.

A shot from the rear.

After “stripping” all the extra weapons. It still look cool though.

Here you go with more shots of the crabby Autobot.

(F) Conclusion
Personally i think this is really the BEST deluxe class you can get for that amount of price paid. This is definitely a must get for all collectors as it features a nice and new mold, extra detachable cannons and cool alternate & robot mode. Is great to see Hasbro use those more “exclusive” sky blue transparent plastics for the all the screens in this figure. My PCR (Personal Collection Rating) for 9.5/10. Not much QC problem and painting quality is definitely much more better compared to Roadbuster. Putting beside the loose/accidental out of socket hip joint during transformation, the rest of the joints are firmly intact and as solid as it seems. Definitely worth every penny!

Until then, enjoy hunting and hauling!

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  1. @Francis: LOL… You trying to sway me off-track? 😛

    I know you won’t do Bruticus or Superion at the moment coz you told me you wanted to focus on the movie-related toys first 😛

    1. Clever you! hahaha.. anyhow, do visit the latest post as i have posted the Ultimate Optimus Prime!

  2. Great review as always. Glad I have Topspin, thanks for getting it for me, bro 🙂

    And by “MASSIVE”, I can only guess one thing… Ultimate Optimus Prime! 😀

    1. @Grayfox: Thanks bro! You should open it up and play haha. MASSIVE could mean Bruticus or Superion as well 🙂 Anyhow, stay tuned. Took 100+ pictures of it and really need some time to sort it out and write a good one. Is worth the wait 🙂

      @Ryan: Thanks bro for the utmost support! Saw you in the Facebook likes list 🙂

  3. Ah Topspin! This is the review I was waiting for. Now All we need is for them to get a Leadfoot out there, and I can have a complete set of Wreckers. How is Ultimate Prime working for ya? Eagerly awaiting the review! I FINALLY found a HA Roadbuster that was not a total rip off. It’s in the mail, and should be here soon.

    1. Yea.. waiting for it too! One more thing, i think there will be HAs for all Wreckers, i guess i will be grabbing all of them in the end haha.

      Something MASSIVE will be coming to bilibala blog soon 🙂 be sure to stay tune.

    1. Thanks bro! And do patronize my blog more often :p Please click the like/banners to show ur support ya! 🙂

  4. hi draggy, error in your description of Wreckles.
    it is actually “The Wreckers”. they are a sub-team of Autobots, functioning essentially as an elite commando unit wreaking havocs for the cons.

    1. Thanks bro for pointing out ya. Typo at first, hahaha… but the 2nd i typed correctly and a bit more details on Wreckers i have touched on the post Roadbuster also. 🙂

      Somehow, in the movie, they seem to like “engineers” to me, but they really doesn’t sound like one. lol.

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