Transformers Hunting and Haul (15/3)

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Well, guess i have to throw a welcoming party to my 3 lastest additions to my Transformers Animated collection: the Autobot Leader – Optimus Prime, The Rubbish Collector – WreckGar and the Decepticon Spy – Shockwave/LongArm . Bought all these 3 goodies from a fellow Transmy member, Vic, yesterday at Amcorp mall.

I have to admit it, i am getting addicted in collecting the Transformers Animated toys. Couldn’t resist their simplicity and streamlined designs on the robots. I would like to collect all of them IF possible. Muahahahaha… It is quite a big line to collect anyhow.

In the meantime, dropped by Toywizard shop for a visit as well and managed to snap some pictures for the Beastwars Transformers fan. There are only 2 Beastwars Transformers in the shop. Frankly, i am not a Beastie fan or collector and i don’t particular fancy their toys either. But anyhow, i got some friends who are collecting them and well, these are the poisons specially dedicated to them (p/s: go and grab them if you are interested :p)

Here’s your poisons:

(A) RobotMasters Optimus Prime (i think)

(B) Beastwars Transformers Reborn (10th Anniversary ) – Convoy & Megatron

Oh ya, they don’t come cheap nowadays for these and it is quite rare to find as well. So, make sure you have your bullets ready before you making a trip to get them 🙂

9 thoughts on “Transformers Hunting and Haul (15/3)

  1. any review on the VF1A?
    just seen an episode of macross frontier.
    wanna find out more about the new VFs.

    1. Hi there bro! Not yet have the review coz still in the box. Still got too many new tfs to open n shared. Anyhow, this is the 1st Yamato macross toy. Will definately review it soon in the near future. Be sure to dropby ya 🙂

  2. Might, or might not. Depends on whether the money generated can be used to get other stuff or not… like more Figmas… *drools*

  3. If I can get my hands on TransMetal2 Cheetor, that would make 5. That’s more than enough, bro. Beast Wars toys don’t come cheap these days… -_-;

    1. Hahhaa.. well said bro. They are rare and classic items now. Will you sell those in the end?

  4. Sweat… “Beastie fan” sounds waaaay wrong, bro 😛

    No ler, I ady have about 4 in my collection: Cheetor, Optimus Primal, Tigerhawk and Battle Unicorn. Have to stop, or else I will get hooked… -_-;

  5. Nice post on the TF edition of Beast Wars. The first one is actually named “Burning Beast Convoy” as written in Japanese :3

    1. wow.. thanks for the translation bro. hahaha.. interesting in getting one since you are a Beastie fan :p

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