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Thank you all for the donation! This campaign is officially ended!
However, if you still want to buy the Google Android Non Scale Pre-Painted Vinyl Mini Collectibles Series 02, you still can click here.

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Do you like the Google Android mascot? Feel like owning one and in the meantime doing a good cause for donating to the unfortunates from the Japan earthquake?

With recent earthquake happened in Japan, many have suffered and many have lost their loved one and home. A lot of efforts being carried throughout the globe in helping the unfortunates from the disastrous catastrophe caused. has also recently launched a donation campaign as well. Under this campaign, for those purchases (games, toy, etc), they are donating a certain amount for the good cause of helping the unfortunate.

Well, there’s a particular thing that might be of interest to everyone who wanted to buy and in the meantime doing for the good cause: Google Android Non Scale Pre-Painted Vinyl Mini Collectible Series 02! For every Google Android toy you bought from, they will donate USD4 to the cause. So you can buy your favorites while doing good! 🙂

See the varieties of Google Android in this wave:


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