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The latest edition (and the very last post of the year 2012) to my Transformers Masterpiece collection is the fiery red hot Lamborghini Countach MP12 Lambor. Though the name does give away the original alt mode in G1 Transformers cartoon, his actual name is Sideswipe. Well, I don’t really understand why the name changed for such a distinguished figure, my best guess is that Lamborghini is having every rights of trademarking the related merchandise, right up to the name as well.

Anyhow, the name doesn’t concern me much. The more concerning matter is the size of the figure. Even before it’s release, people are speculating about him. Masterpieces, of all the years and models, have been famous for their sizes, diecast parts, details and price. Sideswipe, definitely a smaller scale Autobot, make it to the masterpiece? That’s quite a “breakthrough” in creating a new standard of the term Masterpiece. Not to mention about the price tag as well which hardly justifiable for a “deluxe” scale of masterpiece.

And soon after, all these sceptics diminished with the actual product released and it turned out to be a hot seller in the market. Well, despite the dilemma over the small scale masterpiece (somehow the trend of nowadays Transformers toys getting smaller and more expensive), I preordered this a while ago and managed to get hold of him when it hit the shore of Malaysia. And guess the better judgement lies back to you after reading this review to determine whether he lives up to the name of being one of the Masterpiece. Read on.


(A) What’s in the Package?
As always, the packaging of Masterpiece has a set of standard which has been adopted since MP01. You won’t miss out the characteristic definitely. However, this round, there are few prominent differences. Well, putting the size aside, the first thing you see is the big size Lamborghini logo profoundly printed in the top middle of the box. And of course, the name of the previously Sideswipe has been replaced by an abbreviated sport car name.


Gimmicks and description. Printed on the back of the box. Familiar? I betcha.


Now, another different which you won’t see this everyday in Transformers toys, not until a licensed merchandise being infused in the toyline that is. All MP12s come with 3D hologram Lamborghini sticker and a unique code which gives away how many of these babies have actually produced. Speaking about OFFICIAL licensed merchandise.


Now of course, everyone knows about the main different: the size. Mp12 comes in a box which is even more smaller than the recently released voyager Soundwave. Yea, couldn’t imagine Masterpiece with the size of box like this.


Well, the early purchase gets even better with 2 free exclusive goodies: the collector’s coin and the Japan Amazon exclusive full chrome plated pile driver. As the saying goes, early bird catches the worm.


Here’re what inside the package. Weapons, manuals, profile card and the main subject: the red hot Countach.


(B) Alternate Mode
If it wasn’t the big old Autobot insignia imprinted in front of the car, you would have mistaken this as a normal car model. The overall finishes are metallic red which does give people the false impression of it being entirely die cast. But in actual fact, NONE of Lambor’s part are made of die cast. Therefore, it looks heavier but actually it weights very light, just almost like a deluxe.


The color painting on him is not too shabby, but do expect to notice few unaligned black color chip over certain areas. Overall, details are very well done. You will get to see the Lamborghini logo in front, which actually just a black colored shield with gold colored square in the middle. Hardly a full representation of the logo itself.

I really like how the treatment on the front headlights. They are using some transparent plastics that cover over a metallic silver painted headlights in the inside. You can also notice the front fog light is painted with grey metallic silver as well, but without the transparent cover.

Moreover, the windscreen itself comes with a black tinted translucent plastic which is really prone to scratches and dust. Mine has already a quite few minor scratches after a few times playing with him.


Side profile shows a deep “crack” which actually segregated the door. Don’t expect the door can be open like the Countach way and there is no interior detail to the vehicle as well.

Another down point of this MP12 is that it doesn’t have rubber tyres. It comes with solid hard plastic tyres which you normally see in normal deluxe classes. The only good part of it is the rims are metallic painted so it wouldn’t lose the details as compared to the actual Countach.


The rear of the alt mode has quite fine details painted in metallic color as well. Don’t expect to see any plastic treatment to the tail light though. It has the small imprint of Lamborghini and Countach texts at the exact same location of how an actual Countach has them. Of course, the double pairs of the rear mufflers which pack the extra ohm to the red Ferrari, though not in metallic silver painting,  are also visible.


Here’s the part where some off aligned black painting can be seen. Though not very obvious to be seen from far, you do can notice if in actual, especially the big V shaped area of the roof where’s the weapon socket is located.


(C) Robot Mode
As true to its form in G1 Transformers cartoon, MP12 does has the best cartoon accurate to the classic while maintaining the modernised look of nowadays Transformers. Playability and articulations are the great enhancements over those classic vintage G1 sideswipe I must say.

Again, overall details and colors are very cartoon accurate, though I don’t much fancy over the white colored plastic usage on his limbs (which are prone to yellow discolouration in the future).


The Lambor stands sturdily as no back kibble to hold the weight and overall weight distribution of the figure is nicely done.


He might look good in front, but from the back, it is actually an entire different story. First thing you will notice is the overwhelming amount of screws being exposed. Oh well, guess you should just admire him from the front anyhow.


Another part of the figure which I really like most is the head sculpture. With fluid plastic molding, the head sculpture created an expression so lifelike that you can’t stop admiring the intricacy yet simplicity of such detail. Anyhow, if you are expecting some light piping gimmicks to light up his iris, sorry to say that there isn’t any. The blue iris finishing is actually painted.


Articulation Mapping
Another point which surpasses those classic G1 Transformers toys.


(D) Transformations
Transformation is quite moderate and the first transformation actually took me 35 min with 26 steps as depicted in the instruction manual. However, I have summarized it to 8 steps as below.


(E) Gimmicks

(F) Size Comparison
Now comes the interesting part. How does this new MP12 stack up with other classes of Transformers.

Well, it can’t go wrong standing next to MP10 as it is meant to have that same proportion and size over all the newly released Masterpieces.


When he is compared to the older generation/henkei/classic Red Alert that I have, they are quite similar in sizes and proportion. Of course, the later having a much more cheaper price tag with lesser color treatment as compared.


Almost same height.


Comparison in alt mode. Size is quite near to deluxe class as well.


A clearer comparison from top view. Ironically, the same metallic painted Transformer Alternity with almost the same size but with even more details (especially the interior) cost lesser than the MP12.


As least, MP12 matches the size of the recent DOTM voyager class which the later being famous for the downscaling of size and higher price.


Mp12 sure matches the proportion of Spike Witwicky here from MP10. Too bad, he can’t ride in it, that’s for sure.


And of course, it can nicely fit into MP10 trailer which is part of their sales gimmick. So make sure you own MP10 too to have such great trailer companion 🙂


(G) Gallery of Goodies
Well, enough of words. Here are some eye candies after the long read.


(H) Conclusion
Though the price point doesn’t pose an attractive factor, Mp12 does have his own magic to make collectors go wild. Being accurate is one thing and the cool alt mode itself is another killer point. Though I am not a G1 Transformers fan, this Mr. Sideswipe aka Lambor does pose an irresistible desire to own him. Maybe I just like nice cool sport car which can be transformed into a fully articulated robot. :p  And not to mention, a Lamborghini.

My PCR for him: 9/10
What I like – Nice color treatment and details on entire figure; great “fluid” head sculpture; very accurate mold for both alt and robot mode.
What I dislike?– Consider higher price with no die cast, no electronic and no rubbery tyres figure.

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4 thoughts on “Transformer Masterpiece MP12: Lambor

  1. Hey bro, actually the name ‘Lambor’ is the original name for Sideswipe in Japan, like how Optimus Prime is called ‘Convoy’.

    Cheers! 😀

    1. Thanks bro. Yea, my G1 hardcore fan friend told me about that too. 🙂 lol.. wonder why they wanna call it differently.

  2. thanks for thorough review francis.
    i notice that his elbows are double hinged, can his forearm reach his shoulder like the CHUG series?

    1. Hi there Edmund, thanks for dropping by. Good eye sight and yes it is a double hinged elbow joints. However the forearms can’t seem to reach the shoulder and it can only form a 90 degree. The double hinge is designed for the usage of transformation. It somehow is awkward and weird when you can actually bend it’s arm backward while in robot mode. It annoys me sometimes 🙂

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