Starwars Diorama @ Toys”R”Us Subang Empire

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I happened to bump into this large scaled (the biggest i have seen so far) Starwars diorama during a toy hunting session 2 months ago. Well, the scale and details of it did really amaze me and i couldn’t help myself snapping “tons” of pictures on it. To the fact, i am not very much of a Starwars toys fan myself (with exceptional for the movies), this could be a bliss sightings for those collectors and fan alike.

This diorama actually is located at the recently opened Toys”R”Us branch at Subang Empire shopping mall, Malaysia. The theme for it is actually an epic battle between the Separatists and the Republic as shown in the Starwars Clone Wars. There’s a lot of figures, particularly those attack droids and storm troopers which contribute to the mass actors inside this diorama. Moreover, you will get to see the very BIG clone Turbo Tank which actually takes half of the diorama composition.

Oh ya, sorry for these crappy pictures taken below (especially those with too much reflection of the surrounding as the diorama is enclosed in a display case).

See how big the Clone Turbo Tank is. And of course, you get to see the defending fortress held out by Count Dooku, who is the main antagonist in the Starwars: Clone Wars. You can see a lot of details from this diorama in which i will reveal to you details by details below. Let’s move on, shall we?

Let’s start with our hero, Anakin Skywalker, battling against the Clone Destroyer Droid. Well, with his almighty light saber of course. You can notice that there’s a repainting being done to the Destroyer Droid with more brushed metallic look and feel as compared to the original plastic grey.

What is behind the hero are those storm troopers and 1 of them being wounded. Oh ya, speaking of which, if you notice clearly, all the weapons held by those storm troopers are all being repainted by metallic colors. Nice. And of course, there’s some battle damaged or even smoked textures on the storm trooper attires as well.

At the right hand side of Anakin is a damaged AAT (Armored Assault Tank) which seem to be crashed on sight with debris/smoked textures covering it. Of course, you got to see some dead storm troopers and broken destroyer droids or battle droids along the way.

The diorama from another perspective. You can see the Droid Walker here. More battle damage droid (dissembled droids)  here.

A closer view on the dissembled droid. See the burnt details on the droids. Again, you see those weapons are painted nicely in metallic silver here.

Another perspective to view the Droid Walker. Notice anything wrong with this picture? YES! How the heck are those toy soldiers get inside this epic diorama? Is a pain in the eye sight though. I wonder who put them there. Geezzz… Definitely a spoiled sight.

At the other side of the diorama, you will get to see Obi-Wan fighting against Magna Guard. See the battle damaged texture on the Turbo Tank as well.

A close up on the opposition’s battle station. See the bullet hole at the side of the wall.

A close up shot on the Turbo Tank. See the amount of battle damaged details.

See the interior of the Turbo Tank. All painted as well.

A shot from the top. Sorry about the 2 spot lights reflected on the display case. Is hard to avoid them.

More shots on the Turbo Tank. I really like this piece. It looks grand and epic.

You will see Count Dooku here at the station.

A perspective from the opposition force over the whole diorama.

It is really a great diorama and it is quite an enjoyable moment noticing each and every details in the diorama. It is definitely worth a visit. 🙂 If you are interested, remember to pay a visit if you have the chance. Until then, enjoy!

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