Reveal The Shield: Wreck-Gar

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Anyone seen a mustached Autobot Transformers before? Guess those old timers will know who I am mentioning about.  He is none other than “Wreck-Gar” (sounded like Wreck-A-Car). He successfully made it to my record for being the 1st mustached transformer. For those who doesn’t know who Wreck-Gar is, you can read the full description here. I can still remember seeing him in one of the G1 transformers cartoon being the Junkyard king. But apparently, he IS the leader of a planet called Junkion and the planet name explains it all.

To be frank, i was having hard time deciding whether to buy him or not. Reason being: i) The brown color of the whole figure doesn’t really appeal to me; ii) the alternate mode is quite old fashioned as in old type of motorbike instead of a cool and sleek motorbike like Chromia has; iii) He has a funny and unique mustache. Anyhow, since i got extra budget for another piece of collection, so i just give him a try (and of course due to the discount given if buy more from the toy shop) . Well, guess what? I actually do like this guy after hands on with him! Okay, apart from the color which i still don’t like it as much. The rest of the features does make him a very cool robot to own. Read on!

The Packaging
Well, nothing special on the packaging for him. Pretty standard for all Transformers: Reveal the Shield toys.

Alternate Mode: Old Fashioned Motorcycle
The alternate mode for Wreck-Gar is actually an old fashioned motorcycle. Something reminds me of my old grandpa’s motorcycle he used to have.

As you can see, the overall color for the entire figure is of brown, yellow and red. If you really ask me what the color resembles of, i can just say it reminds me of something starts with “S”. But really, this is just my personal opinion on it as i know the color scheme is pretty much G1 accurate. Well, he does bear the name of Mr.Brown now for my collection 🙂 Anyhow, besides the above mentioned color, there’s around 25% made of light grey color as well. No metallic or chrome part.

You can notice there’s the motorcycle front spring for the wheel which is actually a plastic and it can’t be moved.

The alternate mode does look good with some smaller details at the side such as: a sidestep, the rim for the motorcycle, a black fiery vinyl, the motorcycle engine where the robot hands are located.

It even comes with a rear registration plate but a blank one. If they can add in a registration plate sticker or painting, it will definitely add in the details further. You can notice the motorcycle’s exhaust here.

Here’s a more clearer view of the exhaust. This exhaust actually is the 4 bladed battle axe (Wreck-Gar main weapon) which is very well concealed. I really like the idea for this.

More details can be seen from the top: the oil cap, the dashboard, the bike handles, some more fiery/urban vinyl, the driver seat and the Reveal the Shield insignia which is not supposed to be showing the Autobot sign here. Speaking of which, this is another faulty RTS insignia collection i have (previous being the RTS G2 Optimus) which it doesn’t fade off into black entirely when it is not being touched. The RTS insignia supposedly not showing the insignia before being touched.

A closed up on the dashboard for the motorcycle. You can see the bike meters, the bike handles, the oil cap and the 2 side mirrors.

Robot Mode: Wreck-Gar
This is really a cool robot mode he has! Indeed, he does brainwash me of my earlier impression of him. He has quite a bit of articulations whereby you can really post him confidently and smartly.

You can see the fiery vinyl in yellow color this time at his chest plate.

The 2 wheels of his is being located on the left side. I wonder the wheel on his hand is meant to be his shield?

You can see that the 4 bladed battle axe pegged in nicely at his back. Pretty much like a ninja storing his katana at his back.

Here’s a close up of how the Wreck-Gar looks like: Red eyes, 2 horns and the well known mustache. The horns are in transparent plastic which is also part of the light piping mechanism (shown above) .

Now, you can see how the articulations work for having such stylish posture.
Bring it on!

The Transformation!
The transformation for Wreck-Gar is intermediate. You need to do some twists and turnings in order to transform him to robot form.

Gimmicks, gimmicks and gimmicks…
Some gimmicks worth mentioned.

Overall, he has a cool robot mode and a still acceptable alternate mode for me. However, if you have the same feeling for the color which is turning you down, you can opt for the Transformers United Wreck-Gar instead which will come out real soon. How different between these 2 models? Well, being a Transformers United, you can be sure to see more metallic coloring for him and this definitely makes it even more worth buying! Here’s some comparison (taken from

United (L), Hasbro (R)
United (L), Hasbro (R)

Guess it worth waiting for the United version if you are really interested in getting one. At least, it DOES looks nicer as compared to the Hasbro color.

So my personal rating for this Hasbro collection: 7.5/10.

8 thoughts on “Reveal The Shield: Wreck-Gar

  1. Not yet. Budget belum mari. If I buy now, budget will lari, then can only just eat white rice with a little kari :S

  2. If I manage to sell my D80, then yes. If not, well, I’ll just do this while staring at HoiHoi-san from the shop’s glass window –> T_T

  3. X_X My budget’s off-limits for now. Just upgraded my camera to a 2nd-hand Nikon D90…

    Know anyone who wants to buy my D80? Condition’s very well maintained and functional. Still takes good pictures, just selling the body without lens.

    1. Sorry bro. Dont know anyhow, maybe you can post it up on lowyat. Anyhow, after camera lens, you still got $$$ to buy your hoi hoi san?

  4. Nice one, bro. The poses with the battle axe as he draws it from his back looks damn cool 🙂

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