Another Round of Housekeeping

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I  was busy doing toy housekeeping last weekend so i didn’t do any blog posting on any reviews. I wanted to transfer all my opened toys from 3 boxes into 1 bigger container. I guess that’s mean my collection is getting bigger and bigger by the number.

Anyhow, just took a few shots for the boxes which i am using now to keep my toys. I don’t have a detolf for displaying them for the time being as I just renting my current accommodation unit. Will definitely buy them a new glass house when i moved over to my new house soon. Well, guess they have to be sardines in these crates for the time being. hehe.

The existing 3 boxes i have: 1 normal plastic container and 2 reused PlayAsia box that i have. Both of the 3 boxes are full now apparently. First thing first: Sort out the instruction manuals. It took me sometime to sort out the instruction manual as previously it was scattered over boxes.

Opps.. seem like this medium sized container can’t hold my fellow comrades anymore! Guess have to have a bigger hostel for them afterall.

2 reused boxes from previous purchase in Getting full for the different sized boxes.

I took some time arranging them for a group family shot as well. Is really fun arranging them nicely and enjoying the collection you have. Guess you have it, all of my opened toys here. There are still some more which i have not yet opened coz i really dont know where to put them. Oh ya, some of the toys also are on my working desk now. So can’t really say is my full collection here though 🙂

Some of them are old, some of them are new. The most i think is from the Transformer movie 1 and 2 which i will definitely do a backdate review on them soon in my blog. And there’s my favorite group of collection: The Starwars Transformers located on the right side of the picture. Hmm.. still got 3 boxes of them are not yet opened.

Oh ya, there’s 3 non-Transformers related toys here which i have no place to put them together with my figurines box. I guess i have to let them mingling with the Transformers for the time being. Poor refugees.

Anyhow, my target for my blog: to write every single review on them (and of course for those new ones which are not opened). Guess this takes some time and motivation 🙂 So hope you like it and looking forward to reading my blog soon!

phew…. now… have to put them back to their new house every single one of them. Until then.

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