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Unfortunately for all Transformers fan outside the States, you might only be buying the Takara version of Human Alliance Leadfoot or might be the non Target exclusive one. Unfortunately for me, i have to buy the pricey Takara version here in Malaysia.

The very big difference between a Hasbro Human Alliance Leadfoot (either a Target exclusive or the non target exclusive) and a Takara version is their labels. Well, you won’t get to see those nice sponsored Nascar label stickers (especially the “target” like logo imprinted on the front bonnet)  in the Takara version. The worst part of it, the Takara figure comes with nothing but red and black colors which gives a really raw and bare feel of the menace looking Leadfoot.

If you are crying or mourning over the over-bareness (or baldness) for getting the Takara version Human Alliance Leadfoot, well,  don’t be. With demand comes supply and that’s what Reprolabels is offering now: a very complete (and even more complete than the official Hasbro release of Leadfoot) label sticker upgrade for your bare Takara HA Leadfoot. In case you are interested in getting the set, here you go with the link, which cost USD13 inclusive of shipping. The set comes with 3 sheets of upgrade goodies (the fourth one which is the Autobots/Decepticons sticker i got it as a complimentary gift from the local Malaysia distributor of Reprolabels: Robotica Toys).

The Wonder of Makeup for Leadfoot

Meet the 4 sheets of “makeup” sticker which not only feature the exclusive Target logo labels, but also those extra sponsored labels which you will definitely not find in your stock labeled Hasbro version. These extras will be an upgrade as close as the actual movie production of Leadfoot.

The 1st sheet of all features all labels which should be in the Hasbro non-target exclusive version (without the “target” like logo). Pretty much sufficient to get you going  for your Takara version if you like to have less so label-saturated version of Leadfoot.

If you feel something still not right there and feel like sticking  more labels to have the reproduction of movie look and feel, the following 2 sheets of upgrades can be of disposal. And of course, it will make your figure much more details, and i mean details of a bit labels over-killed  imho. You will see the final product of the fully upgraded Leadfoot in the following post.

Such labels which includes some high quality transparent stickers which you will see more and more sponsors logo. The fun part of it, it does come with the “Good Year Eagle” sticker too which is shown in the movie below. Much of the stickers follow as closely as what the actual movie set has.

Image from TFW2005

This is the complimentary gift i got from the local distributor of Reprolabels. Some silver glossy stickers which comes with Autobot and Decepticon insignia of different sizes. This would be a great upgrade to the 3 sets of Fanproject Insecticons i have.

Well, here you go with the final product of how the sticker will look in the Takara version of Leadfoot. For a better comparison, I have taken a before and after picture and you will notice how the stickers enhance the look and feel of the bare original.

The side of the car which originally has the Autobot insignia will be covered if you decided to stick the front bumper labels (there goes the nice insignia). Fortunately, the sets come with another 2 Autobot insignias which you need to stick at the rear part of the vehicle. Pretty much like a re-position.

Another thing to note, these stickers are very STICKY. It will stick to the plastic like superglue and there is much less possibility of a re-application.  Moreover, the stickers will leave a very sticky residue to the plastic itself which you might need to take the fuss to clean it up if u ever decide to tear off all the stickers in the future. Due to the stickiness nature, you might risk tearing the sticker when you want to remove them (which i actually did to one of the side “42” sticker due to the need of re-position). So my advise is, once you stick them, don’t remove them for no reason.

Another tip is, try to stick the column of smaller sponsor logo for the front part of the vehicle (the columns of sponsor logo before the 42 number) first before sticking the “42” sticker to the side doors. If you did stick the “42”, you might need to re-position to allow more spaces for the front sponsor logo to fit in. Be cautions, they are STICKY and you might risk tearing them off when doing the re-application or re-positioning.

The rear part of the vehicle will have a “rear” car light treatment after you apply the sticker.

Here are some pictures of the Leadfoot in robot mode. The stickers do play a neat trick in enhancing the overall look and feel for the robot as well. At least to me, the robot looks much menacing and complete now as compared to the “naked” original Takara version.

Goodies of Galleries

Here are some angled shots on the Leadfoot alt mode with their sparkling shiny stickers. Definitely looks much more better!


Overall, the stickers are a nice catch and definitely a must buy if you have the Takara version of the Human Alliance Leadfoot. It definitely does bring life to their original bare form and much more details as compared to the Hasbro version although i still find the sticker a  bit pricey (which costs almost near a deluxe class toy). Oh well, i am happy with them and my wallet might think otherwise.

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