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LATEST Update: Check out all my postings on the upcoming Transformers: Dark of the Moon toys here!

As the days draw nearly to the launching of the Transformers: Dark of the Moon toys, more and more seemed-like-finalized toys pictures appear online and more have been revealed in quite a few renowned Transformers sources. Here are some compilations which i have found on various sources from the net such as,,

First off, this is quite an obvious line up of robots with the usual being the Iron Hide and the Optimus Prime. However, the Iron Hide has a new add on weapon and this Optimus Prime seems like a new mold and new design as well.

Anyhow, seem like there’s a new addition to the family which is an oil/petroleum truck who turns out to be Megatron for the new movie.

From the new outlook of the Megatron,  he seems quite secretive with those linens covering bit and part of the arm and head piece. Just give me the feelings of those terrorist type of design. Anyhow, from the size, i bet it is a leader class.

Here’s a new look on the Optimus Prime (different from the above picture) with his trailer! And the good part of it? They can be combined together to form a Butterfly-like Optimus Prime. Full news can be read here in

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Another form of power-ed up Bumblebee here. I can’t really make out what is the top part of the vehicle. Seem like a satellite cannon? But it does seem bulky for me.

Now, let’s move on with an ugly and mean looking new villain named Crank Case. He does has a look of a giant beetle + truck which will appear in Transformers: Dark of the Moon movie (i suppose 🙂 )

See the alternate mode which resembles a giant stag beetle with huge antlers sticking out of the front part of the vehicle.

This is the Deluxe class Starscream that i mentioned earlier. Seem like the design is the same as the Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen but instead it is in deluxe class instead of leader class.

Here you go with the chicken feet and clown face starscream again 🙂

Well, that wraps up all the updates i have compiled over the internet. All pictures are courtesy of the above mentioned website. Let’s count down to the launch of the toys and get your wallet (with $$$) ready!

LATEST Update: Check out all my postings on the upcoming Transformers: Dark of the Moon toys here!

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