Transformers Hunt for the Decepticons: Terradive

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Seen a Transformers using a Trident as his main weapon? Well, there’s only 1 in my entire Transformers collection so far and, no, his name is not Poisedon, but with the name of Terradive. The name does sounds like Terrabyte Hard Drive to me. Anyhow, kinda cool to name an orange Trident holder Transformer. Upon searching the web, Terradive is one of the five Air Team robots who make up the legendary super robot Superion Maximus which of course this deluxe class i am having here can’t combine itself to form that super big robot. If you really like to know more about his background, you can click here for more info.

I got this piece as Takara Tomy. To be frank, i have no idea how different is a Takara Tomy Terradive as compared to a Hasbro coz i have never seen a Hasbro before. Well, Hasbro or not, it is the same mold and the same cool features he has. And of course, not to mention, the same ORANGE he has 🙂

Alternate Mode: Sukhoi Su-47 experimental plane
The alternate mode of the Terradive is actually a close resemblance of a Russian experimental Sukhoi Su-47 plane. Not quite a common fighter plane you might see everyday and that is what make it quite unique. In additional, the orange color here does make the overall alternate mode eye catching and fresh!

The overall plastic being used is those glossy smooth type which is quite similar to the Wreck-Gar or Scourge i have.

The front of the plane is without the needle-like tip as seen in the original Sukhoi Su-47 plane. The cockpit window is in orange color as well and unfortunately, it can’t be opened.

From the side of the plane, you can see some of the metallic parts. The trident is being pegged in at the bottom of the plane.

You will notice that there’s a “C” peg  holding the trident (the golden brown color) here.

Robot Mode: Terradive
The robot mode does give me an impression of a robot wearing long robe. In my opinion, the whole figure gives me the feeling of a triangle shape as well. But anyhow, the proportion for the entire robot is very well done and has balanced weight distribution. There’s one point which i like most is, this robot is highly and easily pose-able mainly due to his vast articulation points and proper weight distribution. Guess is a good news for those who like to pose with their robots 🙂

From the side profile, the wings for the lower legs does seem like a skirt for him.

There’s the light piping here which is quite small and doesn’t really light up the eyes for the Terradive.

A closed up on how the Terradive look like. A flying saucer head? :p

Upon a closer examination, you will actually notice that the head piece is being painted with metallic silver. There are some other parts of him being colored in silver metallic which does add to the detailing of the robot.

See more metallic silver colorings here.

A sample pose for Terradive. Let’s go zap some Autobots!

Roll out and Transform!
The transformation is quite intermediate. The twist and turn is quite direct and easily manageable.

Show Me What Ya Got!

To be frank, i like this robot. There’s really a LOT of cool features which deepened my affection towards collecting him. First off, he has a cool striking orange color and a cool blue gradient for the trident. Secondly, he has an unique weapon which all my Transformers don’t have it. Moreover, his robot and alternate mode are awesome. And lastly and the most important point which also the bliss point for those people who like to pose with their robots, his articulation is so far the best i have and with the weight distribution nicely done, you can really do a lot of fancy pose with him.

Is overall a great collection and i would give this piece a 10/10 for my PCR (Personal Collection Ratings). If you are interested in getting one, better hurry to grab one as it is selling like a hot cake now and getting lesser in stock nowadays. Enjoy hunting!


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