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This is going to be my 1st review on the new Transformer: Dark of the Moon Human Alliance Basic toy. As you all know that there’s another new Human Alliance series called the Basic as compared to the normal Human Alliance previously. What’s with this new Human Alliance Basic? Well, the 1st very obvious factor that you will notice in these Basics are the size of them and the mode of changing. Size is relatively smaller as compared to those normal ones as some of them might even transformed itself into MechTech weapon that can be held by any MechTech Transformers (the best proportion would be the leader and the voyager class). Besides that, all Basics are triple mode changers. Interesting enough, despite being small, it doesn’t mean simple for them, they can be transformed into 3 forms which definitely enhances the playability and the value of owning such creative designed piece. Good job for Hasbro to come out with such innovative design!

Anyhow, that’s the very brief introduction to the Human Alliance Basic line. Now, let’s move on to our sharing for today! Is not Thunderhawk, not Thunderbird, not Thundercats, BUT is ThunderHead (and, ahem, of course with his human partner: Major Tungsten!) Okay, if you ask me, who is Major Tungsten? To be frank, I am as clueless as you but anyhow, i don’t really bother with all the names of the figures they come with it (sometimes they are just repainting from other human figures) . In addition, the name Thunderhead seem like a new Autobots as well which his origin is unknown (as far as i have googled it, nothing much come out – beside the fictional writeup for the toyline itself). Well, it does make a cool Autobot triple changer! Read on!

Human Character: Major Tungsten
Well, i guess you all know that Human Alliance is the Transformers toyline which comes with a 2 inch human figure. I really like toys with human figures actually. It makes my toys more completed and more “realistic” in size as there’s a comparison of proportion and size between the 2 elements.

Anyhow, the human partner for Thunderhead is Major Tungsten which I am not sure he is in the movie or not. Despite being small, the amount of details and articulations for this human figure are really well done. You can see the picture on the right on the pose-ability and rough articulations. (Apology on the green tape sticking on the figure, he is hard to stand with this pose without sticking him firmly on ground – not that he stepped on chewing gun or something ya 🙂 )

The amount of details is quite impressive as you can see the small Autobot insignia clearly on the chest part of the figure along with other smaller details like the utility chest piece as well.

Another point to note here, the human figure that comes with the new Human Alliance Basic is smaller than the normal Human Alliance. A clear comparison would be the following picture. You can notice that the Major Tungsten is obviously smaller scaled (and shorter with smaller head) as compared to our Sam Witwicky here. Guess they are reducing the size to fit in the smaller size of the Basic. But anyhow, this does look weird when you have a line up of all the human alliance figures together without the standardization of the sizes. Too bad.

Alternate mode 1: Mech Walker (Walking Mech Weapon)
The alternate mode for Thunderhead is actually a solid and tough Mech Walker which has a resemblance of those walking spider droids/tanks. The 4 limbs are pretty movable and quite articulated.

The overall color scheme is a cool orange color mixed with grey and black which i pretty much like the combination.

Overall, the quality for this figure is quite solid and joints are very acceptably tight as well.

The front “head” piece which gives me the impression of a “bull” and with the muscular mechanical body design, you will definitely feel the clumsy and strong mech monster here. Anyhow, the primary weapons here are the rifle and the 2 sides missile launcher which you can detach and attach to other C-ports. (Will touch more on these in the gimmick section below).

From side, you can see the seat for the 2 inches figure to be placed and as you notice, there’s 2 handle bars in front of the seat to maneuver the big turret/cannon. The Autobot insignia is imprinted at the sides of the cannon.

You will notice the tank tread at the limbs in alternate mode and they serve no purpose of the movement for the alternate mode (which make me wonder). The main moving gesture still depend largely on the spider like movement of the 4 limbs.

See the amount of ball joints for all the 4 limbs. This does exhibit the articulation and movement possibility for figures.

From top, the figure does look like a fat scorpion with the seat being the tail of it. Apparently, the orange color only applies to the limbs.
A closed up on the “cozy” driver seat. You wont have the luxury of air-conditioned or well protected as other Human Alliance Car has. Poor guy who has to ride this monster under the hot sun and bullet rain.

Closed up on the black Autobot insignia.

Alternate mode 2: Mech Suit Mode
The 2nd alternate mode for Thunderhead is actually a Mech Suit. It does remind me of the Avatar AMP suit but with smaller scale. Pretty neat to see this mode as seldom we see human actually wearing their “Transformer” counterpart. Quite interesting i may say.

Anyhow, the articulations of the 2nd alternate mode is similar to the robot mode. You can pretty much move the arms and leg as in the robot mode (since they are sharing the same parts and joints anyhow).

From the side, you can see the large opening in front which is actually the cockpit for the human figure to sit in. Notice that there’s a peg which plug in nicely to the back of the human figure (with a peg hole at his back as well).

Here you go with Major Tungsten sitting inside the cockpit for the mech suit. Fit just nicely with the cozy seat here.

And when the front head piece closes down, it acts as the front shield and handles for the human figure (yes, the human can grab on the handle easily)

Robot Mode: ThunderHead
Here you go with the robot mode for Thunderhead! Another color has been introduced into him which is the blue color at his chest piece. Articulation is quite standard. BUT, there are no wrist/bicep swivel joints as well as a waist joint which to some extent affect the pose-ability of him. Yes, especially without the swivel joints, it makes the figure’s arm always appears  in sideway position(even when he is holding a gun), which does look like a weird design.

The figure does have a balance body to weight proportion and posing with him is with ease. The design of him does seem to make him has a tail like structure (which is actually the headpiece for the alternate mode).

Here’s the close up on how Thunderhead look like. The head doesn’t seem so THUNDER-ing enough with the name “Thunderhead”. Lol.

Anyhow, the light piping here doesn’t really perform well as the eye piece is quite small to emit the light being reflected from behind.

Transform and Roll Out!
The transformation between the modes are moderately complicated at first. Once you get a hang on it, it is relatively quite simple and straightforward which can be done in 4-5 simple steps.

(a) Transformation from Mech Walker to Mech Suit

(b) Transformation from Mech Suit to Robot Mode

Show Me Watcha Got!

A few weird designs of the toy which myself don’t really fancy at.

Size Comparison
You might wonder how big is actually the size for this Human Alliance Basic. I have included 2 comparison pictures for your reference.

The size for Thunderhead is relatively small. Here’s a comparison with my scout class Hubcap and you will notice the size of it is almost the same as a scout class. However, despite small sized, the transformation and features wise is a major different between the 2 classes.

Here’s a comparison with voyager class.

Pictures, pictures, pictures…
Here are a lot of snapshots which i have taken on all 3 modes of the Thunderhead. Well, enjoy!

Snap shots on Mech Suit.

Some snap shots on Thunderhead in robot mode.

I like this picture with Major Tungsten piggybacking on Thunderhead.

Wait! There’s more!
Well, here’s actually a hidden 4th mode for Thunderhead which myself have actually come out with. This is actually making use of the tank tread at all 4 of the limbs and transforming them into a tank like vehicle. See how’s the tank treat fits in nicely and this really put the nice treads into use imho.  :p Anyhow, this is just mere personal exploration and not an official transformation.
Personally i think it looks cool with the tank mode :p

Overall, Thunderhead is quite a nice figure to collect and play with. With its unique alternate mode and a “wearable” Transformer as one of the alternate mode, you definitely won’t see it in any other transformers toys.  However, with some of the weird designs, especially the lack of the bicep swivel joint or wrist joint, it somehow spoil the experience of posing with it. Anyhow, my PCR (Personal Collection Rating) for it is 7.5/10. Definitely a fun and interesting piece if you can ignore the design flaw it has 🙂

For availability, they come abundantly with Wave 1 of Dark of the Moon toy release. Do grab them off the shelves today! Until then, enjoy hunting and hauling! 🙂

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