Transformers Dark of the Moon: Human Alliances!

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There’s a particular Transformers:Dark of the Moon toy line which truly will burn my pocket when they come: the Human Alliances. I particularly fancy all of them as it is a really creative and cool way of how the Transformers can be. Moreover, with the bundled figures it does add some “value” of playing them. Just like MASK toys.

This time around, for the DOTM Human Alliance, they come out with 4 NEW robots which will be in the Wave 1: Backfire, Ice Pick, Sandstorm and Thunderhead. Okay, i omitted the other 2 human alliances (black bumblebee and black skids) which are also in the 1st wave of the release due to the fact they are still the old robots to me despite the color changed. Let’s just focus on the 4 truly NEW human alliances which they are definitely in my wishlist for the upcoming DOTM toys.

From all these new Human Alliances, i have noticed for the following differences:
i) DOTM Human Alliance  comes in smaller and deluxe like package, compared to the bulky and bigger box for the ROTF Human Alliances. Does that mean cheaper price as compared to the ROTF? well, i do hope so. They called them as the BASIC Human Alliance.

ii) All these new Human Alliances are TRIPLE CHANGER! Yes, smaller in size, but TRIPLE the fun! Great, i always like those triple or more changing mode Transformers. It will definitely make your money triple the value 🙂

Well, here’s all the goodies (all are official shots taken from

(A) Autobot Backfire with Spike Witwicky
A Three-wheeled All-terrain Vehicle like Autobot.


(B) Decepticon Ice Pick with Sergeant Chaos
A snowmobile like Decepticon. It does remind me a G.I. Joe toy with the alternate mode and the bundled figure.



(C) Sandstorm with Private Dedcliff
This is my favorite among the 4 Human Alliance. It is a Dune Buggy Autobots.



(D) Thunderhead with Major Tungsten
Another Autobot Human Alliance with his alternate mode in a Walker Tank. What’s a Walker Tank? Well, check out images from Google.
[Update] : I have done a review for this baby. Check it out here.


Strangely! I think they left out the last Human Alliance, which is Autobot Whirl with Sparkplug for the 1st Wave. Maybe for 2nd wave release? Anyhow, here’s the picture for Autobot Whirl (which appear in my coverage on the DOTM toys previously):

LATEST Update: Check out all my postings on the upcoming Transformers: Dark of the Moon toys here!

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