Another Diorama @ Parkson

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Still remember the 2 toy displays (diorama) at the 1 Utama, Parkson that i have covered previously in my blog? Well, actually, there is a 3rd one which i left out. Thanks to my friend Vash in pointing out, I got my chance again to drop by 1 Utama to snap the picture last weekend and here you go.

The 3rd diorama can be seen at the same zone/racks of where the 1st 2 diorama are. This time around, they are featuring Marvel superheroes fighting a ED-209 like villain in “snow” covered landscape. Okay, i am not quite a fan of Marvel Superheroes toys and i really have no idea who the villain is. It does look like the ED-209 that appears in RoboCop movie before to me though.

There are 5 superheroes inside this diorama (anti clockwise): Iceman, Ironman, Captain America, Spiderman and Wolverine. There are no obvious repainting on the heroes beside seeing some of their body part being covered with snow. The only repainting and detail touching up is on the ED-209 alike villain: smoking effect sprayed and some metallic painting. In my opinion, the overall landscape is quite impressively detailed as the previous 2 diorama especially the snowy effect which makes the eyes pop.

Another detail that worth mentioning is the spider web “sprayed” out from Spiderman. Those “webs” are actually those wire strings used to tie those toys when they are in boxes. You will see a lot of them when you buy toys, especially leader class transformers which they are now slowly replacing them with recycled paper string nowadays.

In order to make Wolverine fly, eh, i mean jump, they actually attached a stick to him (is more like a chopstick to me) which somehow spoiled the diorama a bit IMHO. Nevertheless, the idea of making him jump towards the villain is quite cool but definitely harder to achieve without proper supports like the “chopsticks” or strings. Give and take.

A coral like stone being sprayed in white color is being used as the “ice” effect for the Iceman. Quite a cool and creative idea to do that.

Well, nothing more i can see here except for those small pebbles and broken tree branches and bigger stones are being used. Anyhow, it is quite a nice and enjoyable diorama to look at even though I am not a Marvel Superheroes fan. Interested in seeing the real thing? Go pay a visit to the toy section in Parkson at 1 Utama Shopping Malaysia today! Enjoy!

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