Starwars Transformers: Shock Trooper V-Wing

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If you are a Starwars fan, you will definitely familiar with the Shock Trooper (a kind of Storm Trooper) and V-Wing (which appear in Starwars 3: Revenge of the Sith) in Starwars movies. But what they will not see is how a Shock Trooper can transform themselves into V-Wing star fighter. Sound intrigued? Well, read on and you will see how this Starwars Transformers crossover works.

Alternate Mode: V-Wing Starfighter
Well, the alternate mode for the Shock Trooper is a V-Wing that you will see in the movie. It is quite movie accurate i may say and definitely look as good as those non-transformable one. Of course, details such as the wings on both sides can be open and close like scissors with a big V shape can also be seen in this alternate mode.

The color scheme follows closely with the movie as well with white being the dominant color and follows with red, grey and black. This V-Wing does not come with the 1 inch figure as with my transformers X-wing or tie advanced.

You can see the 2 pairs of missiles (which are actually projectiles you can trigger by pressing a button at either sides of the wings)  as in the original V-Wing should have. In addition, the 2 small wings located at the side of the cockpit can also be opened and closed or even detached (for transformation process).

The front landing gear is retractable while the other 2 landing gears can only be hidden by opening the wings widely (like in the movie).

The 2 big afterburners at the rear of the ship which is actually a compartment lid for the Shock Trooper headpiece.

Here, you can see the small head of the R2-D2 alike droid poking out of the ship body.

Here’s a closed up on the small droid. You can also see other details as well such as the Imperial logo and circuit lines embedded on the plastic.

Robot Mode: Shock Trooper
Look at what we have here. A skirt wearing Shock Trooper and this is definitely my 1st impression on him. Overall, the robot mode has a quite balanced proportion and weight distribution isn’t badly designed. The articulations for this Shock Trooper is quite standard yet limited as in all other Starwars Transformers crossover.

You can’t actually see the 2 hands of him as they are being embedded into the 2 side cannons. You can only roughly make out the outline of the fingers and thumbs of him. In robot modes, the projectiles are still trigger-able by pressing the same buttons on the side of the wings (details of such can be viewed in the section below).

Isn’t really hard to make him stand still but yet due to his limited articulations, it is quite hard to pose him in a confident, stylish and fancy pose.

Here’s a closed up on the headpiece for Shock Trooper. Okay, NOT exactly as movie as accurate i may say. The 1st difference to be noticed is the 3 rounded ventilations on the mask as compared to the movie which has only 2.  In addition, the eye screen itself is also different from the original shock trooper which the original exhibits more like  a letter “T” shape. It does seem like it missing the “vertical” stripe on the mask for no reason.

In case you need a comparison, here’s how an actual Shock Trooper mask should look like:

Well, a small pose here with the Shock Trooper. 🙂

Roll out and Transform!
Transformation is fairly simple and straightforward. You can do the 1st transformation even without referring to the instruction manual. I guess that’s a norm amongst all Starwars Transformer toys (except Yoda). However, there’s one part of the transformation which i am not really fancy with is: you have to detach the 2 small wings at the side of the cockpit and attach them back into different position in the robot mode (which i have done so in step 2 to step 3). This does spoil the overall transformation process.

Show Me Whatcha Got!

Overall, the alternate mode is movie accurately done and it is definitely on par with those non-transformable ones. However, the bad QC problem on the cockpit window does spoil the experience. As for the robot mode, the overall features and body proportion is still acceptable and not badly done. The headpiece for the robot mode, however, isn’t very movie accurate. My overall PCR (Personal Collection Rating) will be 6.5/10. In all, my worst experience is still the cockpit window QC problem. 🙁

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