Transformers Revenge of the Fallen: Ravage

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There’s one particular Transformers of mine which is being transformed into a puma like robot with spikes. Well, the name for it: Ravage from the Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen movie. I think most of you all still remember him being the animal like robot in the movie and this particular toy is quite movie accurate i would say. Movies apart, the original Ravage is actually a cassette-puma/spy that comes out from Soundwave radio. You can dig more information on the original G1 Ravage here though or you like to read more about the ROTF version of Ravage, click here.  But as you compared the G1 puma form with this new Ravage, you will notice that it is a totally different “animal”. It is more like a one eyed cyclops + porcupine + puma for him. Interested? Read on!

Before we begin, this is quite a backdated piece of Transformer collection which i bought it way back around 2009. I will start to do some backdated sharings (especially on the Transformer: Revenge of the Fallen toys) on and off 🙂 I guess most of the Transformers fan that is reading this might already been very well acquainted with this toy.

Alternate mode: Cybertronic “Reentry” mode?
Okay, i can’t really make out what the alternate mode for Ravage. Well, after reading thru the net, they said this would be the “reentry” mode for Ravage. In case you are not familiar with the term “reentry” mode, the closest term would be “transition mode” whereby before the Transformers are being shiny in big cars and any vehicle, they all are in a very raw cybertronic form and when they are being send over to mother earth, they are in the a form which is like a comet or meteor like flying thinggy. That comet or meteor thinggy is the “transition mode” for all the transformers. Here’s a more clearer explanation on this term.

Anyhow, to me, is more like a black flying cybertronic plane more than anything. What do you think?

The “reentry” mode of Ravage is having 2 front limbs covering his teeth. This gives me a funny impression of him being shy of not revealing his deadly and sharp teeth to others. Or maybe he just want to avoid any dust going into his mouth while flying? Figures.

From the side you can notice clearer the 2 cannons on the rear limbs. You can’t see the long tail here as it is being concealed nicely to the bottom.

The rear of the alternate mode didnt show any thruster or afterburner, wonder how he flies?

From the top, you can notice the 2 small wings of his and from this picture, it does give me a profound impression of him being a fly or an insect, especially when he is covered in black color.

Robot Mode: Ravage
Okay. I have to admit it, i like the robot mode for Ravage. Apart from being the 1st animal-robot transformers in my collection, he does has good and cool metallic coloring. Moreover, the overall sculpture is quite movie accurate.

The headpiece of him looks like a Cyclops with pointy teeth. A point to note here, this toy bites. You can open and close his jaws by puling/pushing a level located at the back portion.

In the meantime, if you can modify the eye into a ligthed LED, it will be definitely coolest thing of him!

I particularly like the long and pointy tail of his. There are a few points of articulation for his tail though where you can perform very limited movements (basically is upward and downward)

From the rear, you can notice the whole tail is actually like a spiky spinal. Much like in the movie.

A closed up view on the head piece with jaw opened.

Transformation Process
The transformation is pretty simple and straightforward. For me, i don’t think is much a transformation, i will call it a transition instead as it is just bending the limbs in and out and that’s all.

Gimmicks, gimmicks, gimmicks…

Alternate mode apart, this Ravage is really cool and unique in the robot mode. However, the lacking of gimmicks and transformation does reduce some marks for my collection. In other word, nothing much you can play with him unless just posing, posing and posing. My personal rating for him would be 7.5/10.

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