New Transformers in Town!

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Finally, some new hauls over the weekend and YES, there’s a new wave of Transformers in town under the Reveal The Shield series. A brief intro to what is this “Reveal The Shield” line of Transformers about. Basically, this new line of Transformers doesn’t have a straight on-your- face insignia printed on the robot. In order to “check” out whose side of the robot is in, you have to press the hidden insignia to see whether he is an Autobot and Decepticon, pretty nifty trick and gimmick for this line anyhow.

Okay, what’s new this time in Malaysia? We have the G2 Optimus prime, Bumblebee, Wreck-Gar and Perceptor!

Basically the Bumblebee is actually a repainted version of the Transformers Henkei and United version, so i didn’t really put into my wishlist for that. For the rest of the toys, it is of new mold and new robots, especially the G2 Optimus Prime which is selling like hot cakes. Here’s what i have:

The G2 Optimus Prime is the new Deluxe class Optimus Prime. It does look cool with the new weapon sword.

The Wreck-Gar: A BROWN colored motobike. The color is really too cartoonish and unappealing. Would advise you to wait for the United line if you really wanted one. I will stick to Hasbro for the time being.

The Perceptor appears in a red truck. Seem nice. Will definitely open up for review soon :p

If you really feel like grabbing the Hasbro version, better grab them today at your nearest toys shop!  Especially for those sole Optimus Prime collector, better grab the G2 Optimus Prime as it is selling like hot cakes.

Anyhow, according to the boss from the toyshop, they will stock up the United series for all 4 Transformers above as well. So if you would prefer to have the more pricey and nicer metallic Transformers, better hold your horses for this round 🙂

Enjoy hunting!

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