Cloud Strife & Hardy Daytona

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Dear Final Fantasy fans, be prepared to feast your eyes for what you are going to read on! What i am going to share today is one of my favorite toys of all time: Cloud Strife and Hardy Daytona from Final Fantasy 7 series. I have been longing to get this toy a while ago but due to the price previously is quite high, i didn’t manage to get it until today.

If you are a fan of Final Fantasy 7, you will know who Cloud Strife is. Well, a brief introduction here. Cloud Strife is the STARRING for the game. He is a mercenary and self-proclaimed ex-member of SOLDIER which in the end fight alongside with a group called “AVALANCHE” against the evil corporation Shinra. For me, it is the best story and experience in the entire Final Fantasy series. If you would like to read more about this character, click here for the wiki. I will focus on the toy here instead.

Believe me, this IS the biggest box of toy i ever have in my collection. How big? You can judge it below:

The box is HUGE coz there are several stuffs inside it, especially the Hardy Daytona which already taken like 70% of the box along with character with related accessories: few hands for exchange, the Buster Sword, buster sword holder and a stand for the figure. This is what inside the box:

The Buster Sword with great details:

And a few extra hands for exchange, the small joint in the picture is actually the connector for the body to the Buster Sword which acts like a sword hanger.

The overall built quality of this baby is of TOP notch. The plastic is heavy and all the colorings and details are astounding for both the bike and the figure. Forgot to mention that it is manufactured by Playarts of Squaresoft which usually produce the line of toys from games like : Final Fantasy and recently Metal Gear Solid.

The Hardy Daytona
Here’s the biggest content in the box: the bike Hardy Daytona which is measure in 30cm width and is very heavy to hold on it. The bike itself is worth every penny as the coloring and details are very impressively done.

The Hardy Daytona has details like real spring absorber at the back of the wheel where you actually can press it like normal spring. It has a kick stand too for you to place it safely. However, the front wheel has limited turning radius, you can only turn a bit and can’t really do a full 90 degree turn. You can see the breakdown of the details below:

Cloud Strife
The figure itself is quite detailed as well. The face expression is very game accurate and you can see it is being painted with accordance to the game character. The rests of the details follow what the character has in game.

The figure itself has 22 points of articulations and it is highly pose-able: 1  x head (ball joint), 2 x uppermost arm (ball joints), 2 x upper arm, 2 x middle arm, 2 x hands, 1 x waist, 2x uppermost leg (ball joint), 2x upper leg , 2 x knees, 2 x lower leg, 2 x ankles, 2 x foot base. With these articulations, you can do quite a bit of fancy pose. I have done some for the photo shooting (i am not that good in posing anyhow :p)

The combination….
The figure sits and pose nicely with the Hardy Daytona, but it does take some time to pose it right as you need to find the balance between the figure and the heavy bike. Some shots on them:

The last shot is the BEST shot which i really like the most !

This toy is NOT a miss for the Final Fantasy fan. And it is really worth every penny for the amount of details, coloring and the quality built of this toy. But there’s a downside, i.e. you MUST get a bigger space to keep it as it is quite big in size (in the width) :p . For this, i would give the rating of 9.5/10.

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    1. Thanks Brian, yea, it is a really cool piece of collection you wouldn’t like to miss, especially if you are into the Final Fantasy and buster sword 😉

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