Predaking: Transformers Prime (Beast Hunter)

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Predaking, leader of the Predacon and a formidable enemy to Autobots that appeared in the recent Transformers Prime Season 3. He is actually created by Shockwave using Predacon fossil though cloning process. Well, he is an ancient cybertron lifeform and definitely takes the form of something much more ancient: dragon. Partly, the story of the new season resolves around this beast and a whole new line of Prime toys have been released. He is one of the first wave of Voyager Beast Hunter class being released. And not too surprised, he also comes in another class known as the ultimate class which is bigger in scale (bigger than leaderclass) and boasted to have a 21 inches wing span! For today, we are going to review the smaller voyager class. Read on!


(A) Alternate Mode
Predaking has been a while appeared in a more primitive form and for the Prime series, a dragon form can be very much suit him. He appeared in nice color blending of orange and black with a touch of metallic gold colors which on the contrary is not so show accurate. The overall figure is quite heavy considering a much more solid plastic quality has been used.


Despite being the smaller voyager class, he still has a wing span of 12 inch (9 inch lesser than the ultimate class). You can still expect a tremendous size of him in his alt mode. In actual fact, the entire alt mode bears the length of a whopping 11 inches from head to tail!

The figure is nicely done with numerous details such as Cybertronix symbols embeded over certain parts of the body. Articulations can be seen in limbs, jaws, wings as well. There is no articulation on the tail and the wings are only 3 points articulated. The front limbs actually make use of the same arms articulation as in the robot form. The rear articulated limbs, however, are a pair of extra limbs that co-existed with his original legs.


From head to tail, a massive 11 inch body length can be achieved. He does make a very striking decoration to your collection shelves.


The figure has a lot of pointy edges and most of them are in soft rubber. Though in their softer form, they are still pointy in all and it’s hard not to avoid being poked, especially the sharp claws he has. One thing to complain about the soft plastics, our unit has some  black discoloration on the head section. Looks as if the black color is being washed off or some sort.


He is actually a 3 headed dragon which the additional 2 heads are easily attached via the 5mm ports. We will explore more on this in the gimmick section below.


(B) Robot Mode
Off to robot mode. More pointy edges can be noticed in robot mode and a terrific blend of colors created a visual feast. Again, it’s pure personal preference as the color is not much near show accurate.


He does have a back kibble. Fortunately, it doesn’t really pull the figure backward. Another thing which we are not so fond of it is how the wings are positioned in robot mode. They are actually being positioned at waist level. If you want to move it a bit to shoulder level, you still can but it will not shown flat but with an angle of 45 degree slanted. This is due to the inappropriate articulation on the wing which you can’t freely position it. Well, there is no wrong to it and for that mis-angled wings are still acceptable.


From the back, you can see clearly the wing level is at the waist level which looks absolute weird. A big kudos point to add in is how the dragon head is being concealed in the robot mode. It is non obtrusive and you might not know it is there!


A closed up on the torso section of him. The face plate is painted in silver metallic. Again, those pointy elements on the heads are soft plastic. Sadly to say, there is no light piping mechanism to him. The eyes are purely painted over.

As opposed to most Primes toys of not having any insignias, there’s a gold painted Predacon insignia printed on the left side of the chest.


Articulation Mapping

Pretty decent articulation. Quite substantial and sufficient for posing.


(C) Transformation
Transformation is actually quite interesting especially on how the rear limbs are being transformed. The rest is quite straightforward.


(D) Gimmicks

prime_predaking_gimmick1 prime_predaking_gimmick2 prime_predaking_gimmick3

(E) Comparison
Pretty much the same size as compared to Shockwave. It isn’t quite in scale actually and the ultimate Predaking will have the better proportion.


Shorter than Shockwave? You bet.


Bigger in alt mode than Optimus Prime.


Shorter than Optimus? Oh yes. Definitely. Overall, he doesn’t really scale accurately as compared. He should always be bigger than Optimus Prime.


(F) Gallery of Goodies















(G) Conclusion
Overall an interesting mold to have putting show color/scale accuracy aside. The ultimate Predaking will have a better proportion if compared to this smaller scale. Moreover, it’s quite seldom to have a Predaking around beside the G1 combiner and not to mention a dragon alt moded Transformers. The new Prime series does bring Predaking to another level of definition. In addition, paint application and the plastic is very solid. Definitely worth the money for its class.

My PCR for him: 8/10
What I like – Dragon alt mode; good plastic built and paint application; great overall details.
What I dislike?– Discoloration on those black soft plastics; wing articulation not appropriate done; not so show accurate color.

Until then, enjoy hunting and hauling!

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  1. @Fenrir I was hoping to grab one if it is on sales. Anyhow, I try not to overlap my collection with same character from the same series 🙂
    Or, anyone here can lend me one for review? Would really be great! lol

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