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Power Up Your Optimus Prime!

In my previous blog post about Laserbeak, there’s an eye candy showing the possible combination of the little birdie with the bigger voyager Shockwave. Actually, as mentioned, the combination is possible with other classes as well (one way or another) provided there are 2 back shoulder/back mechtech ports which allow the insertion of the Laserbeak into them. Well, such ports exist in Optimus Prime too (to both Ultimate Optimus & Voyager Optimus) and guess what? The bad and the good collides and combines! Okay, you might find it weird that a Decepticon “piggybacking” the leader of Autobots, but the combination seems great with it nonetheless. And what’s more, it does POWER up your dull Optimus. What’s better with a red fiery wings as compared to those normal fire blaster as in jetwing’s?

Well, i have documented the possible combination of Laserbeak with Ultimate and Voyager Optimus Prime in this post.  With Mechtech, there’s endless fun for your Transformers toys!

Case 1 : The Combination with Ultimate Optimus Prime
First off, let’s start with the bigger guy, the Ultimate Optimus Prime. And yes, he does have 2 mechtech slots at the back of his robot form which you can attach to it. I just wonder whether these slots are actually meant for the future (if any) jet pack sold separately? You might not be surprised that Hasbro do release such an add on, which does looks great to me!

The 2 slots as depicted here. You just need to twist the 2 tanker covers to the sides to reveal the ports. Pretty straightforward.

And just plug in the Laserbeak to the slots and you are done! This is actually how it looks like.

I have to stress out here, the combination with Laserbeak and Ultimate OP is not that encouraging and not fitly done. Here’re the reasons:
i) The weight of the Laserbeak seem to drag the whole Optimus backwards. In order to make him stand, you have to bend the whole body forward a bit just like the picture below. And definitely, you have to twist the leg to find the right weight distribution of the whole combined body. To be frank, it is really painstaking to get the correct balance. And once you did, it doesn’t look good eventually (as the forward looking and leg splitting ugliness of the Ultimate OP).

ii) The connection of the Laserbeak to the slots are quite loose and without any other supporting parts to sustain the connection. Which, put in short, the bird will easily fell off from the back.

iii) It looks bulky from the side and it looks very obvious that there are 2 separate entities being forced together. Doesn’t gel up seamlessly.

Anyhow, it does look fine in front :p

Combination Score: 15%  
Conclusion: Possible combination but looks very ugly at side and hard to balance the whole figure for picture shooting (and that’s the reason why i only posted a handful of pictures here). I would say is a big NO NO for this combination.


Case 2: The Combination with Voyager Optimus Prime
Well, move on to 2nd subject which will be the voyager Optimus Prime. An introductory picture to get you excited for the combination!

Same slots available at the back of the Voyager Optimus Prime which allows the combination.

Well, after combined…. the effect is great. It blends in very well with the Optimus Prime color. YES, especially the fiery red colored wing and the arm part. They match up nicely and seamlessly .

Okay, from the side, you still can notice a bulk “back pack” combination which in my opinion, looks better as compared to the combination to Ultimate OP. And surprisingly, the whole figure can stand firmly and balanced as opposed to what the Ultimate OP is facing. Definitely, the combination goes very much better with this voyager compared to the Ultimate OP.

However, the connection is still a bit loose as no supporting parts to sustain the heavy Laserbeak as well. But overally, it does combine firmer as compared to the Ultimate OP.

Happily after the combination and sturdy posing of the entire combination, i am possible to shoot dozen of cool and confident poses with it. Here are some eye candies. Feast on them everyone!

Now, this is what we called a John Woo style.

My favorite shot with the 2 cannons from Laserbeak. Does look more heroic and confident with the Optimus Prime.

Shots with the combined gun. It does remind me of a Gundam wing.

Combination Score: 85%  
Conclusion: Combination looking great! Especially with the color matching and sturdy balance of the combination. However, if you don’t mind the ugly side view of the bulky “back pack” combination, they do make quite a pair.

Overall Conclusion
Well, so far, the best combination is still Shockwave with Laserbeak. They are both Decepticons and their parts nicely fit with each other for combination. And definitely you wont have the bulky back pack combination with the Shockwave too. If you feel like reading more on this combination, just click here.

In all, Laserbeak is great with combining him with other Dark of the Moon toys. Is definitely a great buy as it does look real good with the combination with Shockwave and Optimus Prime. Better haul it if you have seen one 🙂 Until then, enjoy hunting and hauling.

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i am using Voyager Optimus Prime. The laserbeak feet socket does not sit in properly for my prime. It just kept on dropping out.


Can't get the lasebeak mechtech socket to sit into Prime MechTech port...Any solutions for this?


i am trying this immediately when I get home from work.

Jason does make Voyager Prime look like something from the Gundam cartoons.