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Leadfoot: Dark of the Moon

Do you still remember Leadfoot from Dark of the Moon movie? Maybe this will bring back your memory: he is the only Autobot with fat belly and speaking pirate slang with the other 2 brothers of his. Well, do expect to see those distinctive representations of him over the toy and today we are going to review the Human Alliance Takara version of him. Read on!


(A) Alternate Mode
Before we start, allow us to explain what we have actually done to “enhance” this Takara. The different between Takara and Hasbro is the deco of him. Hasbro, being a Target exclusive release, will have all those sponsor logo decals, bulleyes logo, etc. In the other hand, Takara version is completely de-sponsored and stripped off with all those goodies, leaving him as bare as possible. What you are seeing here with our Takara version is that we have applied Reprolabels to him. We have detailed the “before and after” process here, just feel free to read from there to find out more.

Now move on with his alt mode. Being in the movie Wreckers team, he shares the same car model as his brothers do: The NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Chevrolet Impala. What differentiates them are the car body color and the decals that depict the different driver behind the wheel. As for Leadfoot, he bears the resemblance of Juan Pablo Montoya’s #42 NASCAR with the Target paint scheme (and thus the “Target exclusive” release due to the copyright of sponsor’s logo).


As opposed to the “weaponized” mode in the deluxe version, this Human Alliance takes the normal and less exciting  approach instead. Yes, there is no additional guns sticking out from any parts of the vehicle. It remains as discreet as possible.

Personally, we really prefer the weaponized mode (which is something similar to the Human Alliance Roadbuster) that has more exciting details as compared.


Much of the details come from the Reprolabels applied. So couldn’t comment much on what is being displayed here. Trust me, the original version without any decals is just two words: BARE and NAKED. The Reprolabels did the job very well in jacking up the visual attraction IMHO.

dotm_leadfoot_3 dotm_leadfoot_4 dotm_leadfoot_5

(B) Robot Mode
Here’s him in robot mode. There are actually plenty of ways to transform the hood chest section of him, but we just fancy the way as shown below. It shows near movie like and less overwhelming of him in robot mode. The official one, in the contrary,  looks weird as of our personal opinion that has the 2 doors sticking out in front of the chest. Anyhow, it’s really up to personal preference of how you would like your him to be.


There’s a bit of back kibble and the entire robot is top heavy. You might have rough time posing him upright. Another thing we don’t like about him is his hands design which appears in a flat palm that poses trouble in holding weapons. In addition, it just doesn’t look nice with palm opening pose that just gives impression of him shoving something. If the fingers have articulations, it would be much more enticing.


One thing you will notice in Takara version is the application of silver metallic paints on the forearm, lower legs and the head. The Hasbro version will have normal dull greyish green color over the same areas.


A close up on the head sculpt of him. Very much movie accurate but personally we do prefer him with the “sunshade” mode on. He just looks weird without the glasses.


Articulation Mapping


(C) Transformation
Transformation takes more in the front portion of the car which constitutes the main body. It is quite involving and very nicely done nonetheless.


(D) Gimmicks

dotm_leadfoot_gimmicks2 dotm_leadfoot_gimmicks3 dotm_leadfoot_gimmicks4 dotm_leadfoot_gimmicks5 dotm_leadfoot_gimmicks6 dotm_leadfoot_gimmicks7

(E) Comparison
We have thrown in a comparison of him with his brother in war.  Apparently, the Impala looks smaller as compared to the Camaro.




In robot mode as well, he seems smaller and shorter as compared to the clumsy looking Bumblebee. Proportionally accurate? You tell me.



(F) Gallery of Goodies

















(G) Conclusion
Thanks to the magic of Reprolabels, this Takara version is much more alive and visually pleasing. However, if you would like to get him as collection, we would recommend you to get the Hasbro Target exclusive instead that comes default with the official decals (which is actually 80% lesser of what you are seeing here). Better still, grab the Takara version and apply it with the Reprolabels to have the best configuration for him. In all, he is worth a collection with tons of gimmicks and near movie accurate Bayformers. In all, who would like to leave him out of the team of Wreckers?

My PCR for him: 7.5/10

What I like – Tons of gimmicks; come with 2 figures; multi weapon configuration.
What I dislike?– Top heavy make it hard to stand; original plain body without decals; the ugly shoving hands. 

Until then, enjoy hunting and hauling!

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