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About Bilibala Hobbies

Who/What is bilibala?
People start asking me what is Bilibala stands for actually. Well, it actually is a chinese word which bears the meaning of being noisy or making a lot of noise. This is what my blog about. I AM making a lot of noise to share a lot of stuff that i like, well, particularlly is my beloved toys and iphone related stuff. What i can say is, this site is more of my hobbies sharing site, but of certain time, i might think of writing in a word or 2 of something interesting happened in my life. So, put in a nuttshell, bilibala is all about me, my toys, my life, my iphones, my design, blablabla….

Why choose the name bilibala?
Hmm.. Catchy and friendly i must say. Initially, i was thinking of the name After Seven which sounded more “professional” and it resembles that it is hobbies related stuff since after 7 o’clock is my after working hour where i will delve into my hobbies like playing toys :p However, it coincided with a R&B group, so i gave up on that name.

I am a noisy person and like to talk a lot and that’s why suddenly the word bilibala came into mind and i have chosen that instead. Catchy rite? :p

Who’s behind bilibala?
Well, is me. Of coz. Who else?
My name? My name is Francis. You can called me botak if you like. I am a designer and a diehard “junk” collector. I collect a lot of stuff from toys, iphone stuff, music, cds, dvds, comic books. But mostly what i wanna share here is more on my toys (particularly my Transformer toys).

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